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British Political History, 1867-2001

Democracy and Decline
Author: Malcolm Pearce,Geoffrey Stewart
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415268707
Category: History
Page: 674
View: 5379
This third edition of British Political History, 1867-2001 is an accessible summary of major political developments in British history over the last 140 years. Analyzing the changing nature of British society and Britain's role on the world stage, Malcolm Pearce and Geoffrey Stewart also outline the growth of democracy and the growth in the power of the state against a background of party politics. New coverage includes: domestic affairs from 1992 to 2001 John Major's Government the creation of 'New' Labour and the 'Third Way' Blair's first ministry developments in Northern Ireland from 1995 through the Easter Peace Deal into 2001 the 2001 General Election results and implications. Students of British politics and history will find this the perfect resource for their studies.

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Aspects of British Political History 1914-1995

Author: Stephen J. Lee
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134790414
Category: History
Page: 448
View: 7331
Aspects of British Political History 1914-1995 examines all the major themes, personalities and issues of this important period in a clear and digestible form. It: * introduces fresh angles to long-studied topics * consolidates a great body of recent research * analyses views of different historians * offers an interpretive rather than narrative approach * gives concise treatment to complex issues * is directly relevant to student questions and courses * is carefully organised to reflect the way teachers tackle these courses * is illustrated with helpful maps, charts, illustrations and photographs.

    • Political Science

Twentieth-Century Britain

A Political History
Author: William D. Rubinstein
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137177047
Category: Political Science
Page: 368
View: 8079
Between 1900 and 2000 Britain evolved from a great power at the centre of a world-wide empire, to a successful middle-ranking state whose role in the world remains unclear. In the twentieth century, Britain experienced unparalleled change, fought two world wars, and changed from a society with laissez-faire at its heart to a social democracy, and then to a state broadly committed to free enterprise. This comprehensive study describes the major political events of the era in a clear and cogent way. William D. Rubinstein presents the history, key personnel, problems and achievements of Britain's successive administrations, from Lord Salisbury's government in 1900 to Tony Blair's 'Cool Britannia'. Ideal for both students and general readers, Rubinstein's book provides a detailed and incisive examination of Britain's political development in the twentieth century.

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State and Society

A Social and Political History of Britain since 1870
Author: Martin Pugh
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474243479
Category: History
Page: 544
View: 1005
As a vigorous interpretation of political and social developments in Britain since the late-Victorian era, State and Society is one of the most respected and widely-read introductions to modern British history. Martin Pugh explores as his central theme the relationship between the British state and its citizens with characteristic skill and insight. In this new fifth edition, Pugh brings his final chapter on Crisis and Coalition right up to the result of the May 2015 general election. The text throughout has also been revised and extended to address themes such as women's history, social class, Scottish nationalism, the working of the monarchy and the British system of government, new perspectives on the history of the Labour Party, secularism and British attitudes towards Europe since the 1970s. Pugh explores these and other themes with perceptive and accessible prose, maintaining an ideal balance of socio-economic and political issues. Also including new images and annotated further reading lists, this new edition of State and Society reaffirms its position as an essential text for students of modern British history.

    • Great Britain


Domestic Politics, 1939-64
Author: Paul Adelman
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340597026
Category: Great Britain
Page: 132
View: 1487
This is an examination of British domestic politics from the outbreak of World War II to the general election of 1964. In particular, the book considers the general election of 1945; the record of Labour governments between 1945 and 1951; the problems Labour faced in opposition after 1951; and the reasons for Conservative domination during the period 1951-64. The roles of leading politicians are examined and analyzed.

    • Great Britain

Britain, 1846-1964

The Challenge of Change
Author: Martin Roberts
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780199133734
Category: Great Britain
Page: 288
View: 6859
Specially written for the new AS and A2 examinations, this book combines extended period cover with detailed focus on topics selected by awarding bodies. The key political issues of the period are dealt with, beginning in 1846, when Britain was the industrial superpower of the world andending in 1964 when her international role was substantially diminished. DT Lively, concise narrative provides students with the essential knowledge they need, with key questions and summaries in each chapter to help students focus on the important issuesDT 'Spotlights' provide detailed study of primary and secondary sources and help develop students' powers of analysis and argumentDT 'Document Exercises' give plenty of opportunities for assessment and exam practiceDT 'Interpretations' sections provide an introduction to recent scholarship and historical debate and encourage students to evaluate interpretations for themselvesDT For ease of use, a contents map indicates coverage of the major awarding body specifications and highlights opportunities for Key Skills and ICT activities

    • Great Britain

Women in Britain, 1900-2000

Author: Annette Mayer
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340780749
Category: Great Britain
Page: 153
View: 2152
During the 20th century, women experienced significant changes in their political, social and economic status within British society. This volume offers a detailed examination of the forces that influenced those developments. It identifies the range of factors, which helped to shift opinions and attitudes, and assisted in the continuing emancipation of women. Particular attention is given to the impact on women's lives of two World Wars, political, social, economic and educational reforms, technological change and evolving feminist ideas. The role played by key individuals is also examined. Finally, the book provides an overview of the progress achieved by women and questions the extent to which they have secured equality with men.

    • History

A History of Modern Britain

Author: Andrew Marr
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429931019
Category: History
Page: 640
View: 8423
A History of Modern Britain confronts head-on the victory of shopping over politics. It tells the story of how the great political visions of New Jerusalem or a second Elizabethan Age, rival idealisms, came to be defeated by a culture of consumerism, celebrity and self-gratification. In each decade, political leaders think they know what they are doing, but find themselves confounded. Every time, the British people turn out to be stroppier and harder to herd than predicted. Throughout, Britain is a country on the edge – first of invasion, then of bankruptcy, then on the vulnerable front line of the Cold War and later in the forefront of the great opening up of capital and migration now reshaping the world. This history follows all the political and economic stories, but deals too with comedy, cars, the war against homosexuals, Sixties anarchists, oil-men and punks, Margaret Thatcher's wonderful good luck, political lies and the true heroes of British theatre.

    • History

Hope and Glory

Britain 1900-2000
Author: Peter Clarke
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141939192
Category: History
Page: 512
View: 8210
Peter Clarke brilliantly challenges the commonly held view of Britain in the twentieth century as a nation in decline. Adopting a wide perspective, he examines the political. social and economic changes that transformed Britain. He looks at how jobs and prices, food and shelter, and education and welfare, shaped society and explores such areas as architecture, sport and popular culture. Embracing a century of national experience, Hope and Glory superbly conveys the diverse aspects of three generations who lived through unparalleled change.

    • Juvenile Nonfiction

Flagship History - Italy 1815-1943

Author: Derrick Murphy,Terry Morris
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007268696
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 136
View: 1688
This new title offers factual and interpretive material from the Vienna Settlement to the fall of Mussolini. Includes historical interpretations, document source questions, explanation of difficult words and concepts, a study skills section for exam preparation and a companion website with visuals to support learning.

    • History

Mastering Modern British History

Author: Norman Lowe
Publisher: Palgrave
ISBN: 1137603887
Category: History
Page: 636
View: 8687
The new edition of this best-selling text includes a new section on the final years of the Labour government after Blair's resignation and a new chapter on the subsequent Coalition and Conservative governments. It is the ideal companion for students taking a first-level course in modern British History, as well as for undergraduates in History.

    • Foreign Language Study

The BNC Handbook

Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA
Author: Guy Aston,Lou Burnard
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780748610549
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 256
View: 8248
This textbook is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the principles and practices underlying the use of large language corpora in exploratory learning and English language teaching and research. It focuses on the largest and most representative corpus of spoken and written data yet compiled - the British National Corpus - and on the search tool SARA (SGML Aware Retrieval Application). The method adopted is to provide a graded series of exercises, each introducing at the same time new features of the software and new techniques or applications for computer-assisted language learning. The book also includes an overview of previous work in corpus linguistics, a bibliography, and a reference manual for the SARA software.* Graded self-paced tutorials* Suggestions for further work* Thorough coverage of corpus linguistics theories and practices* State-of-the-art software* Accessible non-specialist style

    • Medical

Infant and Young Child Feeding

Author: Fiona Dykes,Victoria Hall-Moran
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444315325
Category: Medical
Page: 232
View: 6738
Research has shown that optimum maternal and child nutrition can reduce the incidence of chronic conditions ranging from obesity, food allergy and asthma, to cardiovascular disease and cancers. This exciting book, edited by Fiona Dykes and Victoria Hall Moran and with a foreword from Gretel Pelto, explores in an integrated context the varied factors associated with infant and child nutrition, including global feeding strategies, cultural factors, issues influencing breastfeeding, and economic and life cycle influences. Carefully drawn together and edited, recognising the many complexities and challenges that face practitioners working in the field, this landmark publication offers practical suggestions in this vitally important subject. Infant and Young Child Feeding: Offers crucial insights into implementation of a Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding Illuminates the complex challenges for nutritionists, dieticians and other health and social care professionals in implementing international guidelines within local cultural settings Includes contributions from leading international experts in the field All libraries in universities, medical schools and research establishments where nutrition and dietetics, midwifery, medicine, nursing, health studies and social sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this crucially important book on their shelves.

    • Study Aids

Access to History: Great Britain and the Irish Question 1774-1923 Fourth Edition

Author: Paul Adelman,Mike Byrne
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 1471838641
Category: Study Aids
Page: 208
View: 7069
Give your students the best chance of success with this tried and tested series, combining in-depth analysis, engaging narrative and accessibility. Access to History is the most popular, trusted and wide-ranging series for A-level History students. This title: - Supports the content and assessment requirements of the 2015 A-level History specifications - Contains authoritative and engaging content - Includes thought-provoking key debates that examine the opposing views and approaches of historians - Provides exam-style questions and guidance for each relevant specification to help students understand how to apply what they have learnt This title is suitable for a variety of courses including: - Edexcel: Ireland and the Union c.1774-1923 - OCR: Britain and Ireland 1791-1921

    • Foreign Language Study

Longman Preparation Course for the Toefl® Test

Author: Deborah Phillips
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780133248005
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 671
View: 1339
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT gives intermediate to high-intermediate students all the tools they need to succeed on the TOEFL® iBT. The Student Book with CD-ROM and the complete Audio CDs (sold separately from the book) develop test-taking skills and provide extensive practice. The interactive CD-ROM provides more practice and simulates the actual test environment. ¿ Features: Diagnostic pre-tests and post-tests identify strengths and weaknesses and assess improvement. Eight mini-tests preview the test's integrated four-skills format. Two complete practice tests familiarize students with the actual test format and timing. Lesson Plans provide step-by-step instructions for teachers and interactive classroom suggestions. Classroom Activities include photocopiable warm-up and follow-up exercises for each language skill.

    • History


coping with uncertainty
Author: Deborah Pellow,Naomi Chazan
Publisher: Westview Pr
ISBN: 9780865313699
Category: History
Page: 238
View: 6814

The Wellbeing of Nations

Author: N.A
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781597263504
Page: 342
View: 855

    • Social Science

Caste, Class and Catholicism in India 1789-1914

Author: Kenneth Ballhatchet
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136816968
Category: Social Science
Page: 198
View: 6373
This is a study of the ways in which changing social expectations among Indian Catholics confronted the Roman Church with new questions, as well as giving fresh urgency to the old problem of the persistence of caste among Christians. Low-caste restiveness prompted different reactions among European missionaries and high-caste Indian priests, and the socio-economic significance of religious conversion became a problem that reached the level of the Apostolic Delegate, and eventually of the Pope. The English brought their social attitudes to India, where they became racial attitudes while retaining their triple functions of supporting authority structures, protecting vested interests and providing psychological reinforcement, Roman Catholic missionaries came from different European countries and brought with them different national attitudes to social mores. A major question asked in this book is how far such national differences were reflected in attitudes to caste, class and sexual behaviour, how similar were the attitudes of Indian Christians, and how far the functions of such attitudes remained constant.

    • Business & Economics

Agricultural Finance and Credit

Author: Jonathan M. Bishoff
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781604560725
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 106
View: 793
Because of the nature of front-end funding of growing crops, cyclical weather patterns and the national security aspects of agriculture, finance and credit has become a critical component of agriculture. This new book presents important analyses dealing with issues critical to maintaining a vigorous agricultural industry in America.

    • Fiction

A Long Fatal Love Chase

Author: Louisa May Alcott
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 0440223016
Category: Fiction
Page: 356
View: 459
Yearning for romance and adventure, strong-willed eighteen-year-old Rosamond Vivian is seduced by the wealthy Phillip Tempest and is forced to flee his violent tendencies