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Die neuen EU-Vorschriften der Capital Requirements Regulation
Author: Günther Luz,Werner Neus,Mathias Schaber,Peter Schneider,Claus-Peter Wagner,Max Weber
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783791034300
Page: 280
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Financial Regulation in the European Union

Author: Rainer Kattel,Jan Kregel,Mario Tonveronachi
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317428846
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 332
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This collection offers a comparative overview of how financial regulations have evolved in various European countries since the introduction of the single European market in 1986. It includes a number of country studies which provides a narrative of the domestic financial regulatory structure at the beginning of the period, as well the means by which the EU Directives have been introduced into domestic legislation and the impact on the financial structure of the economy. In particular, studies highlight how the discretion allowed by the Directives has been used to meet the then existing domestic conditions and financial structure as well as how they have modified that structure. Countries covered are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Hungary and Slovenia. The book also contains an overview of regulatory changes in the UK and Nordic countries, and in post-crisis USA. This comparative approach raises questions about whether past and more recent regulatory changes have in fact contributed to increase financial stability in the EU. The comparative analysis provided in this book raises questions on whether the past and more recent changes are contributing to increase the financial stability and efficiency of individual banks and national financial systems. The crisis has demonstrated the drawbacks of formulating the regulatory framework on standards borrowed from the best industry practices from the large developed countries, originally designed exclusively for large global banks, but now applied to all financial institutions.

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Darstellung der Net Stable Funding Ratio gemäß dem Entwurf zur Capital Requirements Regulation II der Europäischen Kommission, Erläuterung möglicher Auswirkungen einer verbindlichen Mindestquote auf deutsche Sparkassen und Analyse von Steuerungsmöglichkeiten der Kennzahl

Author: Stefan Kuhlmey
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3746060702
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 92
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Vor der Finanzkrise, ab dem Jahr 2007, wurde die Liquiditätsfristentransformation von einigen Banken im Vertrauen darauf, sich am Interbankenmarkt jederzeit kostengünstig refinanzieren zu können, exzessiv durchgeführt. Die Hypo Real Estate (HRE)-Tochter Depfa konnte ihre kurzfristigen Kredite aufgrund einer Vertrauenskrise am Geldmarkt nicht zurückzahlen und musste vom Staat gerettet werden. Das Beispiel der HRE hatte der Bankenaufsicht verdeutlicht, dass hier ein massives Risiko in einigen Bankbilanzen besteht. Die Reaktion des Basler Ausschusses auf das zu hohe strukturelle Liquiditätsrisiko einiger Banken war die im Rahmen von Basel III initiierte Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR). Seit Ende 2017 finden die Verhandlungen zwischen EU-Kommission, EU-Rat und EU-Parlament über die exakte Ausgestaltung der NSFR im Rahmen der Sondierungen zur Capital Requirements Regulation II (CRR-II) statt. Voraussichtlich wird die Kennzahl ab 2019 bzw. 2020 von allen europäischen Banken und Sparkassen einzuhalten sein. Eine Umsetzung der NSFR entsprechend des Entwurfs zur CRR-II würde die Hauptertragssäulen der deutschen Sparkassen belasten, da Erlöseinbußen und Kostensteigerungen zu erwarten sind. Dies gilt einerseits, weil die strukturelle Liquiditätskennzahl die Notwendigkeit schafft, im vermehrten Umfang minderrentable hochliquide Assets auf der Aktivseite zu halten. Andererseits, weil sie eine stabilere, langfristigere und damit meist auch teurere Refinanzierung auf der Passivseite erfordert. Zudem wird durch die NSFR die Funktion der Liquiditätsfristentransformation eingeschränkt und somit auch die Fristentransformationserträge reduziert. Längerfristige Aktiva erfordern mehr stabile Refinanzierungsmittel. Oder anders formuliert, sofern nicht ausreichend stabile Refinanzierungsmittel vorhanden sind, ist die Vergabe von längerfristigen Krediten eingeschränkt. Die im Rahmen des Studiums zum MBA an der Hochschule Koblenz erstellte Masterthesis stellt die NSFR gemäß des Entwurfs zur CRR II detailliert dar und untersucht die Auswirkungen einer verbindlichen NSFR auf deutsche Sparkassen sowie potentielle NSFR-Steuerungsmaßnahmen. Hierfür erfolgte eine umfangreiche empirische Untersuchung mittels problemzentrierter Interviews deutscher Sparkassen. Aus den gewonnen Erkenntnissen wurden anschließend sechs konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen abgeleitet. Die Arbeit wurde mit der Note 1,0 bewertet.

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Bankvertragsrecht 1

Organisation des Kreditwesens und Bank-Kunden-Beziehung
Author: N.A
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110286033
Category: Law
Page: 416
View: 9640
Im Ersten Teil des Teilbandes zum Bankvertragsrecht wird der Rahmen des Bankgeschäfts erörtert: Mit Grundzügen des Aufsichtsrechts, mit einem Blick auf die Institutionen und Institutsgruppen und auch mit Grundzügen der Bankbetriebswirtschaftslehre. Im Zweiten Teil steht die allgemeine Bank-Kunden-Beziehung im Mittelpunkt: Dieses wird nacheinander mit den allgemeinen Pflichten, mit dem Bankkonto als dem zentralen Rahmenvertrag zur Abwicklung im Bank-Kunden-Verhältnis und mit den AGB-Banken und -Sparkassen als der zentralen allgemeinen rechtlichen Ausgestaltung abgehandelt.

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Liquiditätskennziffern und Verschuldungsquote

Zur Einhaltung und zum Gestaltungspotenzial aufsichtsrechtlicher Kennzahlen
Author: Julia Gimbel
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658206527
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 235
View: 3157
Julia Gimbel legt primär die Normen dar, die in Anlehnung an die Basler Vorgaben im EU-Recht mit Blick auf die Mindestquoten das Risiko der Illiquidität und der Überschuldung zu begrenzen suchen. Zudem führt sie die Maßnahmen auf, die vonseiten der Bankinstitute sinnvoll erscheinen, um diesen regulatorischen Anforderungen zu genügen. Die Autorin arbeitet Handlungsempfehlungen heraus, die die liquiditätsbezogenen Kennzahlen sowie die Höchstverschuldungsquote positiv zu beeinflussen vermögen, wobei sie stets mögliche Interdependenzen zwischen den einzelnen bankenaufsichtsrechtlichen Kennzahlen berücksichtigt und die ökonomischen Auswirkungen beachtet.

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Cavanaugh Strong

Author: Marie Ferrarella
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373278810
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 7690
Aurora's finest are back in action! Why are too many healthy seniors dying in nursing homes? Vice detective Noelle O'Banyon can't let the mystery go. And though she has no business working a homicide case, the love-shy single mom draws partner Duncan Cavanaugh into her rogue investigation. He's a notorious player she thoroughly disdains—and the feeling's mutual. Duncan considers Noelle too straightlaced for his taste. But as they uncover the shocking scandal behind the mysterious deaths, the crime-fighting pair become closer—and passionately in sync. Now, before a killer stops their bliss, can he and Noelle prevent the next murder in Aurora?

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Derivatives and Internal Models

Author: H. Deutsch
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230502105
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 621
View: 1131
The successful first edition provided an introduction to the valuation and risk management of modern financial instruments, formulated in a precise mathematical expression and comprehensively covering all relevant topics using consistent and exact notation. In this new edition, Deutsch continues with this philosophy covering new and more advanced topics including terms structure models, second-order value at risk, time series analysis, GARCH models, differential equations, finite difference schemes, Martingales and Numeraires.

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Arran Coastal Way

Author: Jacquetta Megarry
Publisher: Rucksack Readers
ISBN: 1898481792
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 76
View: 6717
Based on a full-colour rucksack-friendly printed guidebook, this fixed-format ebook respects the original page layouts, while also enabling instant cross-references, searchable text and (if the user is online) web links. The Arran Coastal Way is one of Scotland's Great Trails, and perhaps the finest circuit walk in the country. It runs for 65 miles (105 km) around the Isle of Arran in a memorable week-long hike from Brodick. It's accessible from near Glasgow by the Ardrossan ferry. Famous as`Scotland in miniature', Arran is rich in scenery, castles, caves and standing stones. The walking is varied, from mountain paths to deserted beaches, from minor road-walking to boulder-hopping, and in places it is refreshingly rugged. Arran's wildlife is uniquely approachable, and its residents welcoming. A Coastal Communities Fund project created many miles of new and improved path with fresh waymarking, leading to this fully revised second edition. Based on three research trips in 2017, the text and photographs were thoroughly updated to cover many route changes and extra options. This guidebook contains all you need to plan and enjoy the Arran Coastal Way, including: — detailed description of the route walked anticlockwise — background on geology, pre-history and history — whisky-making, wildlife and habitats — boat trip to the Holy Isle — Foreword by wilderness walker Cameron McNeish — new mapping of the entire route (1:55,000) — information about public transport and travel — lavishly illustrated, with 125 colour photographs. "The perfect companion to a fascinating route" - Outdoor Focus magazine

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Feng Shui for Homebuyers

Author: Joey Yap
Publisher: Joey Yap Research Group
ISBN: 9833332218
Category: Dwellings
Page: 351
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From Bauhaus to Our House

Author: Tom Wolfe
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 9781429924252
Category: Architecture
Page: 128
View: 7570
Tom Wolfe, "America's most skillful satirist" (The Atlantic Monthly), examines the strange saga of American architecture in this sequel to The Painted Word, From Bauhaus to Our House.

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Simply Seven

Seven Ways to Create a Sustainable Internet Business
Author: Erik Schlie,Jörg Rheinboldt,Niko Waesche
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230308171
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 196
View: 4527
Simply Seven is a practical framework created to get entrepreneurs and executives started on finding the right Internet business model for their web site. It is based on the idea that there are seven business building blocks - which form the foundation of all Internet business models. SimplySeven emphasizes constant experimentation in selecting and fine-tuning one's business model and encourages using models outside of the narrow range of today's "hyped" candidates. Chapter by chapter, the book guides the reader through the lessons learned by the flagship pioneers of each business model: Skype for services, Blizzard Entertainment for subscriptions, for retail, Google for advertising, eBay for commissions and Apple for license sales. Regarding financial management, it is too early to tell which company will emerge as leader. However, Simply Seven does not just celebrate the successes; it also focuses on the biggest mistakes

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Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management

TU München, September 2013
Author: Kathrin Glau,Matthias Scherer,Rudi Zagst
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331909114X
Category: Mathematics
Page: 438
View: 6658
Quantitative models are omnipresent –but often controversially discussed– in todays risk management practice. New regulations, innovative financial products, and advances in valuation techniques provide a continuous flow of challenging problems for financial engineers and risk managers alike. Designing a sound stochastic model requires finding a careful balance between parsimonious model assumptions, mathematical viability, and interpretability of the output. Moreover, data requirements and the end-user training are to be considered as well. The KPMG Center of Excellence in Risk Management conference Risk Management Reloaded and this proceedings volume contribute to bridging the gap between academia –providing methodological advances– and practice –having a firm understanding of the economic conditions in which a given model is used. Discussed fields of application range from asset management, credit risk, and energy to risk management issues in insurance. Methodologically, dependence modeling, multiple-curve interest rate-models, and model risk are addressed. Finally, regulatory developments and possible limits of mathematical modeling are discussed.

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The Agrarian Sociology Of Ancient Civilizations

Author: Max Weber
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1781682410
Category: History
Page: 432
View: 685
Max Weber, widely recognized as the greatest of the founders of classical sociology, is often associated with the development of capitalism in Western Europe and the analysis of modernity. But he also had a profound scholarly interest in ancient societies and the Near East, and turned the youthful discipline of sociology to the study of these archaic cultures. The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations – Weber’s neglected masterpiece, first published in German in 1897 and reissued in 1909 – is a fascinating examination of the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hebrew society in Israel, the city-states of classical Greece, the Hellenistic world and, finally, Republican and Imperial Rome. The book is infused with the excitement attendant when new intellectual tools are brought to bear on familiar subjects. Throughout the work, Weber blends a description of socio-economic structures with an investigation into mechanisms and causes in the rise and decline of social systems. The volume ends with a magisterial explanatory essay on the underlying reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Engineering the Financial Crisis

Systemic Risk and the Failure of Regulation
Author: Jeffrey Friedman,Wladimir Kraus
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812205073
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 224
View: 7532
The financial crisis has been blamed on reckless bankers, irrational exuberance, government support of mortgages for the poor, financial deregulation, and expansionary monetary policy. Specialists in banking, however, tell a story with less emotional resonance but a better correspondence to the evidence: the crisis was sparked by the international regulatory accords on bank capital levels, the Basel Accords. In one of the first studies critically to examine the Basel Accords, Engineering the Financial Crisis reveals the crucial role that bank capital requirements and other government regulations played in the recent financial crisis. Jeffrey Friedman and Wladimir Kraus argue that by encouraging banks to invest in highly rated mortgage-backed bonds, the Basel Accords created an overconcentration of risk in the banking industry. In addition, accounting regulations required banks to reduce lending if the temporary market value of these bonds declined, as they did in 2007 and 2008 during the panic over subprime mortgage defaults. The book begins by assessing leading theories about the crisis—deregulation, bank compensation practices, excessive leverage, "too big to fail," and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—and, through careful evidentiary scrutiny, debunks much of the conventional wisdom about what went wrong. It then discusses the Basel Accords and how they contributed to systemic risk. Finally, it presents an analysis of social-science expertise and the fallibility of economists and regulators. Engagingly written, theoretically inventive, yet empirically grounded, Engineering the Financial Crisis is a timely examination of the unintended—and sometimes disastrous—effects of regulation on complex economies.


Author: Martin Tonner,Thomas Krüger
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783848701179
Page: 364
View: 7847

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Light and Lighting in People and Portrait Photography

Author: Friedrun Reinhold
Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 3826683692
Category: Photography
Page: 240
View: 9516
Light and lighting are essential for a well taken photograph. This may sound simple, but it’s what the true art of photography is all about. A photographer’s skill in handling the light and getting stunning results is especially important when it comes to people and portrait photography. Portrait photographer Friedrun Reinhold helps you to find the perfect lighting for your motif. From the basics of light to various aspects of flash and continuous light, this book provides an excellent overview of everything you need to know.

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Financial conglomerates

Author: Kazuhiko Koguchi,Giancarlo Forestieri,Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Publisher: Organization for Economic
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 124
View: 4091

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The Webolution of Shopping to 2010
Author: Frank Feather
Publisher: Warwick Pub
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 317
View: 3191
Analyzes how online shopping will transform consumer behavior, forecasts online sales potential for twelve product categories, and speculates on which Web sites will dominate online shopping by 2010.