Halte au communautarisme et à ses avatars

Entre libanisation et américanisation de la société française
Author: Nabil Naaman
Publisher: Editions Publibook
ISBN: 2342058659
Page: 334
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Nabil Naaman est cardiologue. Né à Beyrouth (Liban), il vit en France et réside à Paris. Il milite en faveur de la laïcité et la francophonie. Après un premier roman "Les Clefs de la maison d'Albassa en Galilée" paru en 2015, il nous livre un récit de témoignages sur un sujet délicat et d'une brûlante actualité, "Halte au communautarisme et à ses avatars". L'auteur est membre de l'Union Mondiale des Ecrivains-Médecins (UMEM).

La France d'outre-mer (1930-1960)

Author: CLAUZEL Jean (sous la direction de)
Publisher: KARTHALA Editions
ISBN: 2811137521
Page: 880
View: 4555
Le souvenir de "l'Empire colonial français" s'est estompé dans la mémoire nationale. Certains disent même qu'il a été occulté. Ce ne sont pas seulement les historiens et ceux qui ont vécu cette période qui sont intéressés par tout ce qui peut éclairer ce passé encore récent et discuté. Une nouvelle génération est desireuse d'apprécier le plus concrètement possible ce que représentait la "France d'outre-mer" et de mieux comprendre ainsi certains des antécédents de ce qu'on appelle aujourd'hui la "mondialisation". La "colonisation" de l'Afrique et de l'Indochine appelle plus que jamais des relectures historiques. Cet ouvrage intéressera donc plusieurs générations, contemporains de cette époque révolue, ou chercheurs et étudiants confrontés aux clichés récurrents sur "le beau temps des colonises" ou sur les "ténèbres de la colonisation". La somme des témoignages réunis dans cet ouvrage apporte sa pierre à une réflexion qui reste ouverte.

    • Law

Le Concept D'État Fédéral Multinational

Essai Sur L'union Des Peuples
Author: Christophe Parent
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9789052016399
Category: Law
Page: 492
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Le fédéralisme multinational, désormais central dans les discours des peuples et des nations en quête de reconnaissance de leur identité, est un champ d'expérimentation pour la Belgique, le Canada, l'Espagne, la Russie, etc. L'ouvrage étudie ce concept, tributaire d'une stabilité politique dans des sociétés multiculturelles souvent déchirées par des clivages linguistiques ou ethniques.--[Memento].

    • History

Warlords and Merchants

The Lebanese Business and Political Establishment
Author: Kamal Dib
Publisher: ISBS
ISBN: 9780863723155
Category: History
Page: 333
View: 9166
Now available in paperback, Warlords and Merchants examines the history of the Lebanese warlord/business establishment and illuminates local attitudes which have often seemed baffling to the outside world. The book provides a close-up study of Lebanese leaders and the business class. It provides a seminal illustration of, and insight into, the resistance of local cultures and small countries such as Lebanon to the juggernaut of globalization. Based on firsthand observations and knowledge of Lebanese history, economy, language, and culture, the author examines most of the issues that vex Lebanon todayâ??sectarianism, traditional leadership, outdated business practices, an archaic economic structure, and a deep sense of historical grievances. Warlords and Merchants is a must-read for policymakers, business and political leaders, as well as students and academics with research interests in Lebanon, the Middle East, and international affairs.

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Qui est qui en France

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: France
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Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Automobile industry and trade
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    • Business & Economics

The Middle East in the World Economy, 1800-1914

Author: Roger Owen
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781850436584
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 378
View: 3422
During the nineteenth century the Middle East economy was transformed by the growing impact of European trade and finance and the internal reforms of the rulers of Egypt and the Ottoman Empire. In this book, author Roger Owens looks closely at this process, presenting and analysing evidence of previous studies, discussing the merit of rival interpretations and drawing conclusions about the development of the Middle East economy. Owens begins from a reconstruction of economic structure at the end of the eighteenth century and a consideration of the forces of change which affected the region as a whole. The main body of the book traces the impact of these forces in four central areas of the region--Anatolia, Egypt and the provinces of Greater Syria and Iraq. Owen argues in his final chapter that everywhere the outcome was a fixed pattern of agricultural, industrial and financial activity which the successor states of the Ottoman Empire have had the greatest difficulty in trying to alter in their attempts to promote a less dependent form of development.

    • Lebanon

Who's who in Lebanon

Author: Charles G. Gedeon,Gabriel M. Bustros
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9782903188122
Category: Lebanon
Page: 496
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    • Canada

The Canadian Who's who

Author: Elizabeth Lumley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780802088659
Category: Canada
Page: N.A
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    • History

Beware of Small States

Lebanon, Battleground of the Middle East
Author: David Hirst
Publisher: Nation Books
ISBN: 0786744413
Category: History
Page: 496
View: 8761
Lebanon, a country no bigger than Connecticut, has become a battleground for the political, strategic and ideological conflicts of its neighbors and the great powers. It has come to reflect the broad historical experiences of the modern Middle East. Beware of Small States is an elegant and incisive history of Lebanon culminating with the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah and its aftermath. David Hirst—a former Middle East correspondent for The Guardian, whose tough, skeptical voice has earned him death threats and seen him banned from six Arab countries—crafts a narrative that is essential for anyone wishing to understand the current political climate of the Middle East.

    • Lebanon

A House of Many Mansions

The History of Lebanon Reconsidered
Author: Kamal S. Salibi
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860649127
Category: Lebanon
Page: 247
View: 6029
Today Lebanon is one of the world's most divided countries - if it remains a country at all. But paradoxically the faction-ridden Lebanese, both Christians and Muslims, have never shown a keener consciousness of common identity. How can this be?

    • Political Science

The International Politics of the Arab Spring

Popular Unrest and Foreign Policy
Author: R. Mason
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137481722
Category: Political Science
Page: 215
View: 2411
This book explores and analyzes how the Arab Spring has affected the political and economic relationships between the West, the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and the MENA (Middle Eastern and North African states). It locates continuity and change in these relations within the broader context of democratization, energy, security, arms relationships, and the shift towards a multi-polar system. Each chapter charts a history of ideological engagement, which has generally given way to more pragmatic energy, economic, and security interests, and defines and analyzes the fundamental and emerging factors that shape foreign policy. The volume pays special attention to the UN Security Council authorization of "all necessary measures" against Qaddafi's Libya and the subsequent deadlock in getting China and Russia to pass further Resolutions for intervention in Syria.

    • Druzes

Being a Druze

Author: Fuad I. Khuri
Publisher: Spotlight Poets
Category: Druzes
Page: 295
View: 7107
Fuad Khuri touches upon the Druze religion and how it plays a part on the lives of its adherents. Khuri describes the strong in-group feeling within the Druze, even in immigrant populations, and their deep attachment to ethnicity and unbending solidarity, always standing firmly by the power elite in times of crisis. The Druze learn their culture and associated rituals as connected with the cycle of life. 'He or she is always under the watchful eye of the community from birth until death and, then, rebirth'. In attempting to achieve divine manifestation, the Druze have developed not only a unique style of worship, but also a unique style of living and speaking, continuously practicing self-discipline, austerity and a strict behavioral code. Solidarity among the Druze is displayed through their strong belief in reincarnation and in the moderating role played by the religious sheikhs in conflict resolution. This feeling of brotherhood through reincarnation cements social relationships between people and creates equality within the community. Land to the Druze is a marker of identity: 'in order to protect your honor, you must have land and, in order to protect your land, you must have religion

    • Business & Economics

Sport Policy

Author: Nils Asle Bergsgard,Barrie Houlihan,Per Mangset,Svein Ingve Nødland,Hilmar Rommetvedt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136364684
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 304
View: 3257
Sport Policy: a comparative analysis of stability and change builds on the growing general interest in the comparative study of sport policy and the more specific interest in processes of policy change and issues associated with policy convergence. In stark contrast to many other areas of public policy such as education, personal welfare and health care there is a paucity of theoretically informed comparative studies in sport. Over recent years there has been a steady increase in public investment in sport and frequently, as a consequence, a sharper debate about how public resources should be used. However, there has been little analysis of the factors that shape the generation of domestic sport policy and little attempt to identify the variables that might influence the policy process. Sport Policy: a comparative analysis of stability and change provides a theoretically informed analysis of the sports systems in Canada, England, Germany and Norway. These economically advanced countries are carefully selected to enable the investigation of the significance of variables and because they share a number of socio-economic and sports-related characteristics, which provides the text with a unique breadth and depth of coverage. This text is a vital addition to the general paucity of literature in this area and is written by an internationally renowned author team.

    • Language Arts & Disciplines

Yearbook of International Organizations 2005/2006

2 Parts
Author: Union of International Associations
Publisher: K G Saur
ISBN: 9783598245213
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 2973
View: 4833
For the Yearbook of International Organizations, the most up-to-date and comprehensive reference to international organizations, the UIA has selected the most important 31,086 organizations from its extensive database of current and previous organizations. Yearbook provides profiles of 5,546 intergovernmental and 25,540 international non-governmental organizations active in nearly 300 countries and territories in the world today. Organization descriptions listed in Volume 1 are numbere sequentially to facilitate quick and easy cross-referencing from the other Yearbook Volumes. Users can refer to Volumes 2 and 3 to locate organizations by region or subject respectively, and comprehensive indexes are included. Naturally, the high standards of accuracy, consistency and detail set by previous editions of the Yearbook of International Organizations have been maintained for this edition.

    • Literary Criticism

The Rock of Tanios

Author: Amin Maalouf
Publisher: George Braziller
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 275
View: 4039
Tanios, the illegitimate son of a powerful Sheik, becomes caught up in the political intrigues of the Middle East