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Eric Cantona

Author: Mike Wilson
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340701065
Category: Soccer players
Page: 28
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Livewire is a series of reading materials with a teenage or adult interest level for those with reading ages below ten. This title is part of the Real Lives sports series, and is a biography of Eric Cantona. It is designed specifically for people with reading ages of nine or ten, and aims to engage the interest of the reader in a non-patronizing way, and lead towards the attainment of a higher reading ability. It is accessible in layout and design, and there are many facts and illustrations.

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The Rebel Who Would Be King
Author: Philippe Auclair
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0230747019
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
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'An artist, in my eyes, is someone who can lighten up a dark room. I have never and will never find difference between the pass from Pele to Carlos Alberto in the final of the World Cup in 1970, and the poetry of the young Rimbaud' Eric Cantona Football, and art. Eric Cantona - legend, maverick, troubled artist or just plain trouble - never saw a need to make a distinction between the two. For all the heat and noise surrounding his infamous Crystal Palace 'kung-fu kick', it is for the sheer exuberant beauty of his play that Eric Cantona is chiefly remembered by English football fans. At Leeds United he transformed the team into title contenders, but became a true talisman at Manchester United, where to this day fans sing of 'King Eric'. And yet the effortless style of Cantona's play could not hide a darker side to his temperament. In his own words, 'I play with passion and fire. I have to accept that sometimes, this fire does harm.' Leading French football journlist Philippe Auclair has interviewed over 200 key protagonists in Cantona's career, searching for the man behind the myth. Marrying a deep knowledge of Cantona's impact on the pitch with soulful, pin-sharp insight into the heart and inner thoughts of this most complex of characters, this is nothing less than the definitive biography of a one-time rebel of the French game, who rose to be the King of Old Trafford. 'I'd give all the champagne I've ever drunk to be playing alongside Cantona in a big European match at Old Trafford' George Best

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My Notebook

Author: Eric Cantona
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1474608388
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 192
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On the field or off, Eric 'The King' Cantona has always been known as an artist. Passionate about painting and photography from a very young age, he more recently took to writing, drawing and sketching out his thoughts in small Moleskine diaries. This book is the reproduction of his notebooks. Through these never-before-seen drawings, in his faux-naive style, Eric Cantona questions every aspects of the world around us - whether it's love, death, absurdity or society. With his trademark wit and wordplay, Cantona interrogates our paradoxes and contradictions, and the absurdity of the world as only he knows how. These notebooks are as funny as they are poetic and philosophical. But foremost, they're an ode to living, loving, sharing and contemplation.

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Cantona on Cantona

Author: Eric Cantona,Alex Fynn
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780233990453
Category: Soccer players
Page: 113
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The autobiography of Manchester United player, Eric Cantona, who talks about his views on the key influences in his eventful life, covering both football and more personal issues.

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Meaning of Cantona

Author: Blacker Staff,Terence Blacker,William Donaldson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781851589500
Category: Aphorisms and apothegms
Page: 192
View: 8328
Dr Kit Bryson has moved among Cantona's followers - the so-called Cantonistes - collecting aphorisms, reflections and snatches of changing-room badinage. Here is the contradictory essence of this simple, yet complex, character: artist and man of action; team leader and solitary maverick.

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The Illustrated Cantona

Author: Eric Cantona,Tom Tyrrell
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780747219132
Category: Soccer players
Page: 176
View: 871
Eric Cantona is the biggest sporting personality in the country. His influence on the park, and off it, has been immense. This book looks at the Cantona story, including his championship successes, the Crystal Palace incident and subsequent ban

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Looking for Eric

In Search of the Leeds Greats
Author: Rick Broadbent
Publisher: Mainstream
ISBN: 9781840186963
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 208
View: 3763
Ever since a 'dodgy' referee and a crackly transistor radio reduced his family to tears as they listened to the 1975 European Cup final, Rick Broadbent has been both blessed and cursed to be a Leeds United fan. Looking for Eric is the story of his quest to track down the legends of Elland Road and discover if they lived, breathed, ate, slept, loved and hated Leeds just as he had - or was it merely a day job?In the course of his journey, Broadbent gathers first-hand accounts of the best and worst moments in the club's history, including the championship triumphs, cup shocks and European controversies, as well as unearthing a plethora of fascinating stories and anecdotes. We hear Peter Lorimer's description of Don Revie's neuroses, learn the real reasons behind Gordon Strachan's departure, witness Tony Currie's battle with the bottle and discover who had a bust-up with the legendary Pele. Weaving portraits of players such as Billy Bremner and Eddie Gray into a colourful history of a club that has inspired such extremes of emotion, this updated version analyses the effects of the court case that tore the club asunder, the sacking of David O'Leary and the sale of Rio Ferdinand. Including contributions from Dominic Matteo, the new captain, and a remarkably candid interview with Peter Ridsdale, the chairman, Looking For Eric is by turns tragic, comic, farcical, scandalous and heart-rending.

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Physics Matters

Author: Nick England
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340790540
Category: Education
Page: 342
View: 9804
Now into its third edition, Physics Matters has been fully updated and revised to provide an exact match to the new GCSE specifications to be taught from September 2001. Primarily focused at Higher tier candidates, the book covers separate physics and the physics component of Single and Double Award Science. This revised edition includes innovative practical activities and highlights opportunities for incorporating ICT into science lessons. Emphasis is also placed on the new Ideas and Evidence strand of Science 1. A wealth of exam questions is provided to offer students considerable practice prior to their final examination.

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The Book of Football Quotations

Author: Phil Shaw
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446458903
Category: Humor
Page: 576
View: 1074
The greatest football quotations collection ever, now in its ninth edition. This compilation includes quotes from everyone – Shakespeare to Suarez, Camus to Cantona, Busby to Beckham – who has made an apt, pithy or comical comment about football. And not just footballers and managers either – fans, pundits, groundsmen, directors and wives all get to have their say too. Every subject is covered, from tactical debates to changing lifestyles, to produce a sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking commentary on the game. ‘My players are always the best players in the world, even if they aren’t’ - José Mourinho ‘He was a quiet man, Eric Cantona, but he was a man of few words’ - David Beckham ‘Sometimes when you aim for the stars you hit the moon’ - Ian Holloway

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Sport, Culture and Advertising

Identities, Commodities and the Politics of Representation
Author: Steven J. Jackson,David L. Andrews
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113429879X
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 288
View: 314
Despite the range of theoretical and methological positions adopted and the wide range of issues and topics related to advertising covered by cultural studies, relationships between sport and advertising have been largely overlooked. Given its gobal popularity and its prevalence across the spectrum of cultural and commercial life it is not surprising that scholars interrogating the cultural politics of sport have begun to recognise advertising as an important site for the analysis of power relations, cultural politics and cultural repesentation. Sport, Culture and Advertising presents a first step towards understanding the relationship between advertising and identity with a focus on sport. The book will be useful for scholars across a range of disciplines and will be of interest to students looking for a more critical examination of the commercial realm of sport.

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Moana and the Ocean

A Disney Read-Along
Author: Disney Book Group
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1484776321
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: N.A
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Read along with Disney! This beautiful picture book based on the upcoming Disney Animation Studios' film, Moana, features an engaging story about Moana's unique relationship with the Ocean that playfully interacts with stylized artwork.

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A to Z of Almost Everything

A Compendium of General Knowledge
Author: Trevor Montague
Publisher: Little Brown GBR
ISBN: 9781408702772
Category: Reference
Page: 1338
View: 7819
Now in its fifth edition, the bestselling A to Z of Everything continues its quest to fascinate, inform, surprise and entertain. This unique publication and monumental work of reference has become a must-have for any bookshelf, often cited as the arbiter in the settling of family disputes, always to be relied upon for a nugget of information on practically any subject of human endeavour. Nothing as comprehensive has appeared before. With subjects from Abbreviations to the Zodiac, some of the book's sections would stand up as reference works in their own right. In this new edition, the original topics have been brought up to date and added to while eclectic new additions range from Beers of the World and Heads of State to Internet Top Level Domains and Cabinet Members through the Ages!

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Livewire Real Lives Will Smith

Author: Julia Holt
Publisher: Hodder
ISBN: 9780340875988
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 4570
Will Smith first made his name as a rapper in the late eighties. Now he's best known for his starring role in the Men in Black movies. Catch up with what's new in the life of the ultra-cool star.

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Four Four Two Great Footballers

Eric Cantona
Author: Rob Wightman
Publisher: Virgin Books Limited
ISBN: 9780753506622
Category: Soccer players
Page: 256
View: 6129

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Managing My Life: My Autobiography

Author: Alex Ferguson
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 9781473657618
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 544
View: 3467
This book is about the beginning of Sir Alex's football career, until the year 2000. 1999 was an outstanding year for Alex Ferguson - not only did he lead Manchester United, the most glamorous club in the world, to a unique and outstanding treble triumph, but he was awarded the highest honor for his sporting achievements; a Knighthood from the Queen. Universally respected for his tough, but caring managerial style, Ferguson is an unusually intelligent man with a fascinating life story. Covering his tough Govan upbringing through to his playing days and onto his shift into management, Managing My Life is told with the fine balance of biting controversy and human sensitivity which made it such an unprecedented success in hardback. Alex Ferguson is a legend in his lifetime.

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The Magnificent Sevens

Author: Frank Worrall
Publisher: John Blake
ISBN: 9781844546091
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 274
View: 8397
In this authoritative and fascinating book, Frank Worrall takes a look behind the facts and fiction of the five men who have worn the number seven shirt with the most distinction. With the help of players, journalists, and a psychologist, he analyzes what made Best, Robson, Cantona, Beckham, and Ronaldo tick, and assesses their credentials for a permanent place in the Old Trafford hall of fame. He looks at how 10 years after the tragedy, Best finally ripped away the cobwebs of Munich by winning the European Cup almost single-handedly for United; how Robson battled manfully to lift United at a time when they were mired in mediocrity; how Cantona turned the club back into winners after that long, dismal spell in the wilderness; how Beckham's stardust led to the end of Sir Alex Ferguson's personal holy grail with that audacious European Cup win in 1999; and how Ronaldo has offered hope and glitter to a United in transition. This is the full, no-holds-barred story of Manchester United's own Magnificent Sevens—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Red Glory

Manchester United and Me
Author: Martin Edwards,Robert Sellers
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 1782438114
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
View: 8925
The definitive insider's story of life behind the scenes and within the corridors of power at the biggest football club in the world. When Martin Edwards became chairman of Manchester United in 1980, the club's estimated worth was £2 million. When he retired just over two decades later the club was valued at £1 billion. Under his expert business stewardship, Manchester United grew into one of the world's most recognized sporting brands and the richest and most famous football club on the planet. Martin shares a multitude of wonderful memories and amazing stories and revelations of the great success story of United. He singled out Alex Ferguson as a future manager of the Reds and had the determination and courage to stand by his choice when everybody else, both inside and outside of the club, were calling for his head. Martin Edwards is one of the great football chairmen who oversaw Manchester United as the club achieved its greatest successes and dominated domestic football. This autobiography of the former chairman and current life president presents a fascinating insight into English football's most successful club.

    • True Crime

Once a Jolly Hangman

True stories from Singapore's death row
Author: Alan Shadrake
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1742663982
Category: True Crime
Page: 224
View: 2383
Does Singapore have one rule for locals caught with drugs and another for wealthy foreigners? Why was Australian Nguyen Van Tuong hanged in 2005 while others escaped the noose? And why will the Lion City never hang another Filipina maid? Singapore has one of the highest execution rates per capita in the world. Its government claims that only the death penalty can deter drug dealers from using their country as a transport hub—but this hard-hitting investigation reveals disturbing truths about how and when the death penalty is applied. Including in-depth interviews with Darshan Singh—Singapore's chief executioner for nearly fifty years—and chilling accounts of high-profile cases, this is an horrific exposé of the gross abuse of human rights. When this book was first published in Asia in July 2010, UK journalist Alan Shadrake was arrested and tried, then sentenced to jail—for daring to put the Singapore justice system in the dock. This revised and updated edition covers Shadrake's arrest, and his ongoing campaign against the death penalty as he prepares for his appeal.