• Iron

Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment

For Model Engineers
Author: Tubal Cain
Publisher: Fountain PressLtd
ISBN: 9780852428375
Category: Iron
Page: 124
View: 5866
A comprehensive exposition of the structure of steels and the effects of different heat treatments, particularly in respect of tools. It includes solid fuel, gas and electric furnaces, case hardening, tempering and other practical information. Features accurate colour temperature charts.

    • Technology & Engineering

Practical Heat Treating

Second Edition
Author: Jon L. Dossett,Howard E. Boyer
Publisher: ASM International
ISBN: 1615031103
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 296
View: 2254
What is heat treatment? This book describes heat treating technology in clear, concise, and nontheoretical language. It is an excellent introduction and guide for design and manufacturing engineers, technicians, students, and others who need to understand why heat treatment is specified and how different processes are used to obtain desired properties. The new Second Edition has been extensively updated and revised by Jon. L. Dossett, who has more than forty years of experience in theat treating operations and management. The update adds important information about new processes and process control techniques that have been developed or refined in recent years. Helpfull appendices have been added on decarburization of steels, boost/diffues cycles for carburizing, and process verification.

    • Metals

Heat Treatment : Principles and Techniques

Author: T. V. Rajan,C. P. Sharma,Ashok Sharma
Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8120340957
Category: Metals
Page: 408
View: 7062

    • Technology & Engineering

Steel Heat Treatment

Metallurgy and Technologies
Author: George E. Totten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0849384524
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 848
View: 9427
One of two self-contained volumes belonging to the newly revised Steel Heat Treatment Handbook, Second Edition, this book examines the behavior and processes involved in modern steel heat treatment applications. Steel Heat Treatment: Metallurgy and Technologies presents the principles that form the basis of heat treatment processes while incorporating detailed descriptions of advances emerging since the 1997 publication of the first edition. Revised, updated, and expanded, this book ensures up-to-date and thorough discussions of how specific heat treatment processes and different alloy elements affect the structure and the classification and mechanisms of steel transformation, distortion of properties of steel alloys. The book includes entirely new chapters on heat-treated components, and the treatment of tool steels, stainless steels, and powder metallurgy steel components. Steel Heat Treatment: Metallurgy and Technologies provides a focused resource for everyday use by advanced students and practitioners in metallurgy, process design, heat treatment, and mechanical and materials engineering.

    • Founding

Foundrywork for the Amateur

Author: B. Terry Aspin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781854861689
Category: Founding
Page: 103
View: 7493
Revised and updated to reflect advances in technology and engineering since its first publication in 1954, this book explains and illustrates foundrywork skills for anyone involved with metalworking and model engineering.

    • Forging

Hardening, Tempering, Annealing and Forging of Steel

Including Heat Treatment of Modern Alloy Steels; a Complete Treatise on the Practical Treatment and Working of High and Low Grade Steel
Author: Joseph Vincent Woodworth
Publisher: N.A
Category: Forging
Page: 321
View: 2235

Heat Treatment

Master Control Manual
Author: William E. Bryson
Publisher: Hanser Publications
ISBN: 9781569904855
Page: 338
View: 6924
This indispensable manual focuses on heat-treating by ASM, SME, and AISI standards. It has been created for use in student education, as well as to guide professionals who have been heat treating their entire lives. Written without the typical metallurgical jargon, it will serve as a training manual from day one in learning how to heat treat a metal, and then also serve as a day-to-day reference for a lifetime.This manual zeros in on the popular tool steels, alloy steels, heat-treatable stainless steels, case hardening steels, and more. It deals with these metals with up-to-date usage and processing recipes.What is different with this manual from all the others is that it doesn't just deal with the heat-treatment process, it also covers the continuation of the hardening process with cryogenics. It is written to help those who may want a thorough understanding of what goes on in the process of heat-treating and how to do it better. It also shows how proper heat and cryogenic processing can save your company money through longer life tooling, decarb-free and stress relief, all while learning how to create a better, finer grain structure. This manual shows that hardness is only an indication of hardness, and that the real money savings is in the fine grained structure. Written for toolmakers, engineers, heat-treaters, procurement, management personnel, and anyone else who is involved in metals, this manual covers the complete range of thermally treated metals from 2400�F down to -320�F.

    • Engineering

Basic Benchwork

Author: Les Oldridge
Publisher: Fountain PressLtd
ISBN: 9780852429204
Category: Engineering
Page: 127
View: 395
Model engineers and amateur metalworkers need to learn the tricks and handwork which experienced engineers take for granted. This book details normal bench practice suitable for engineering apprentices which will save spoiled work and tools.

    • Steel

Hardening and Tempering Steel

A Workshop Guide to the Heat Treatment of All Steels, Including High-speed
Author: Bernard Edward Jones
Publisher: N.A
Category: Steel
Page: 128
View: 3330

    • Crafts & Hobbies


A Complete Course
Author: Harold Hall
Publisher: Special Interest Model Books
ISBN: 9781854862303
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 196
View: 4230
This book is based upon the author's series of lathe projects originally written for Model Engineers' Workshop magazine. When read together, they represent a complete course in model engineering from basic techniques to ambitious projects.

    • Engineering

Making Small Workshop Tools

Author: Stan Bray
Publisher: ArgusBooks
ISBN: 9780852428863
Category: Engineering
Page: 95
View: 7398
Making twenty-two simple but useful adjuncts to the tool kit for bench and lathe use, none taking any more than 3 to 4 hours or involving special materials, yet each able to save considerable time in use as well as aiding accuracy. With working drawings, photographs and sketches etc.

    • House & Home

Tool and Cutter Sharpening

Author: Harold Hall
Publisher: Specialist Interest Model Books Limited
ISBN: 9781854862419
Category: House & Home
Page: 133
View: 9399
DIY. A fully illustrated step-by-step guide with 100 sketches and technical drawings, this book also contains a comprehensive range of data which is required in the metal working workshop, and by those designing a wide range of engineered items, tools and machines. It provides in a single concise volume data that is only otherwise available by reference to many different sources or more expensive publications. For those involved in restoration work, the book also includes details of items not now used, and for which data is not easy to locate. It contains information on: Drills, Turning tools, End mills, Grinding wheels, Collets and tapers, Precision, Spanners, Thread sizes, Thread forms, Screw cutting, Worm cutting, Gears, Belt drives, Dividing, Press work, Welding, Maths formula, Dovetails and T slots, Electrical components, Conversion charts and more.

    • Crafts & Hobbies


Author: Harold Hall
Publisher: Specialist Interest Model Books Limited
ISBN: 9781854862389
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 104
View: 3555
'Dividing' explains how radial work on a metalworking lathe, such as the cutting of gear wheels or the drilling of holes on a set radius, calls for a method of precisely spacing the cuts. The principles underlying this aspect of engineering are explained in this book.

    • Technology & Engineering

Heat Treater's Guide

Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels
Author: Harry Chandler
Publisher: ASM International
ISBN: 9780871705204
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 904
View: 2906
This edition is a complete revision and contains a great deal of new subject matter including information on ferrous powder metallurgy, cast irons, ultra high strength steels, furnace atmospheres, quenching processes, SPC and computer technology. Data on over 135 additional irons and steels have been added to the previously-covered 280 alloys.

Steel Metallurgy

Author: S. K. Mandal
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9351342727
Page: N.A
View: 1311
Properties, Specifications and Applications: Covering the subject of steel metallurgy from its applications point of view, this book discusses the applied metallurgical knowledge required for easy-learning about steels, their properties, specifications, heat treatment and applications. : The book is conceptually divided into four parts: ÿThe first part introduces the basic metallurgical facts about steel and its characteristics, covers the most important aspects of steel metallurgy, its applications, and fundamental features of steelmaking and rolling processes, and highlights the different types of properties of steel and the need for testing and evaluation: ÿDiscussing the classifications, specifications and properties of steels in a more quantitative manner (based on popular standards and standard-based data), the second part focuses on different steel grades and their merits and properties for selection and applications ÿThe third part focuses on heat treatment and welding of steels, various heat treatment methods and their purposes, and basic aspects of welding and welding precautions in steels ÿDwelling on the application of steels, the fourth part discusses the totality of steel applications from the point of view of reliability and component integrity, the importance of cost and quality optimization in applications, and the criticality of design and manufacturing quality for prevention of failures Steel Metallurgy has been designed to provide all necessary information and practice-based knowledge about steel characteristics, steel properties, steel grades, and steel applications for selecting, processing and using steels with right understanding and for the right purposes.ÿ Highlights of the book: ÿProvides deep theoretical and practice-based knowledge about steels, their properties, specifications, heat treatment and applications ÿIncludes large number of examples, illustrations and case studies ÿIncludes elaborate Index of contents for cross-referencing, a Bibliography for further reading and reference, and Glossary of Important Metallurgical Terms ÿSimplified and highly illustrated narration ideal for metallurgical students, metallurgists and non-metallurgical engineers The book is intended for both students and practitioners. The book will help students of metallurgy and other engineering disciplines to understand the applied and functional-basics of steels relating to their properties, specifications and applications. Engineers and technical personnel in industries dealing with steel processing and its uses will benefit from the hard look the book takes for the precise selection of steel for the right purposes by providing workable knowledge on steel metallurgy and steel specifications. ÿ

    • Transportation

Spring Design and Manufacture

Author: Tubal Cain
Publisher: Nexus Special Interest Limited
ISBN: 9780852429259
Category: Transportation
Page: 95
View: 9175
Few mechanics are entirely devoid of springs of one sort or another, but satisfactory operation rests on details such as spring strength and degree of movement. This book explains the property of each type of spring, plus essential materials and methods.

    • Technology & Engineering

Steel Heat Treatment Handbook, Second Edition - 2 Volume Set

Author: George E. Totten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482293021
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 1576
View: 688
This reference presents the classical perspectives that form the basis of heat treatment processes while incorporating descriptions of the latest advances to impact this enduring technology. The second edition of the bestselling Steel Heat Treatment Handbook now offers abundantly updated and extended coverage in two self-contained volumes: Metallurgy and Technologies and Equipment and Process Design. Continuing the tradition of the first edition, this comprehensive reference integrates metallurgical principles with engineering technology in terms of basic process, equipment operation, and design.Up-to-date references, new topics, and rewritten chapters bring additional breadth, depth, and clarity to process design for heat treatments. This second edition presents unique and timely coverage of treatments for tool steels, stainless steels, and powder metallurgy components. The book also contains new material on vacuum processes, designing quench processes, steel transformation mechanisms, updated nomenclature and classifications, nitriding techniques, metallurgical property testing, and distortion of heat-treated components. Steel Heat Treatment Handbook, Second Edition provides a well-rounded resource for everyday use by advanced students and practitioners in metallurgy, process design, heat treatment, and mechanical and materials engineering.

    • Brazing

Soldering and Brazing

Author: Tubal Cain
Publisher: Fountain PressLtd
ISBN: 9780852428450
Category: Brazing
Page: 136
View: 8897
Joining metal by one form or another of soft and hard soldering, or brazing with various alloys, are run-of-the-mill jobs in model and light engineering workshops. Tubal Cain examines the processes, equipment, materials and explains what is happening in the joints as they are made.