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Invincible Vol. 24: The End Of All Things Part 1

Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1534306226
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 152
View: 4250
"THE END OF ALL THINGS" mega-story begins, and it will touch every corner of the INVINCIBLE Universe, and when it's over...IT'S OVER. Invincible must accept that Thragg canÕt be defeated without him, and for the good of the universe, he's going to have to risk his life to stop him! Every single story for the past 13 years has been leading up to this! Collects INVINCIBLE #133-138

    • Extraterrestrial beings

Invincible Ultimate Collection

Author: Robert Kirkman,Cory Walker
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781534300453
Category: Extraterrestrial beings
Page: 304
View: 5602
While Mark Grayson and Eve have been gone... things have gotten worse onEarth. And their lives will never be the same again. Collects INVINCIBLE#121-132.

Invincible Compendium

Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781534306868
Page: 1104
View: 5605
It's here: the third massive paperbackcollection of the greatest comic in the universe. Witness the conclusion of MarkGrayson's epic adventures, from "The Death of Everyone" to"The End of AllThings." Collects INVINCIBLE#97-144.

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The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe

Author: Robert Kirkman,Dusty Abell,Eliot R. Brown,Cory Walker
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781582408316
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 119
View: 7336
Anything you've ever wanted to know about the characters in Invincible, but were afraid to ask. Power levels, hometowns, relatives, origina, shoe sizes...it's all here. Written in the tradition of that other famous handbook and featuring drawings from some of the top talents in comic and animation.

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Invincible Universe vol. 1

Author: Phil Hester
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1607069199
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 145
View: 5169
In the aftermath of INVINCIBLE: THE DEATH OF EVERYONE, Dinosaurus has left his mark on the world. Can heroes from across the universe - Invincible, the Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, the Astounding Wolf-Man, and more - contain the damage? Or are the end times of the Invincible Universe ahead? Collects INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1-6

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Invincible Vol. 23: Full House

Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1534303618
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 152
View: 4722
Mark has returned from the past...to a very different future. Now he has to pick up the pieces of his life and try to put them back together. INVINCIBLE co-creator CORY WALKER returns to the book to set the stage for the next chapter of InvincibleÕs life! Collects INVINCIBLE #127-132

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Eye of the Camera
Author: Kurt Busiek
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 0785179569
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 160
View: 4081
Collects Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1-6. News photographer Phil Sheldon's back, with the man-on-the-street's perspective on the big events of the Marvel Universe, from the Avengers, the all-new X-Men and the Secret Wars to Dracula and the Werewolf By Night. But this time, Phil's world is going to be rocked not just by superheroes and super-villains -- but by something far more personal, as well.

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Youth in Revolt
Author: N.A
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 9780785152712
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 136
View: 1815
A proud legacy continues! Eric Masterson was the first to wield the enchanted mace called Thunderstrike and he sacrificed himself to save the world. But what happened to the mace? Has it been lost for all eternity or does the world still need heroes? Has the time finally come for someone else to follow Eric's journey and take on the mantle of Thunderstrike? Join us as the Marvel Universe welcomes back the everyman Avenger, THUNDERSTRIKE! Guest-starring Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter and Rhino!

    • Heroes

Kill the Minotaur

Author: Chris Pasetto,Christian Cantamessa
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781534303812
Category: Heroes
Page: 184
View: 9071
Athens lost the war to Crete. Now, they pay tribute toKing Minos by sacrificing their best citizens to his unearthly labyrinth.Conspirators believe Theseus can be the hero they need, who can end the madking's bloody reign... but no one on this world has ever encounteredanything like the savage minotaur. ChrisPasetto, Christian Cantamessa (Red Dead Redemption) and Lukas Ketner (WITCHDOCTOR) reinvent the most fearsome beast in all of mythology with this horrifictale of heroism. Collects KILL THE MINOTAUR#1-6.

    • Fiction

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

Author: Frederick Douglass
Publisher: Big Nest via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1910833819
Category: Fiction
Page: 106
View: 8514
One of the most influential pieces of literature to fuel the abolitionist movement of the early 19th century in the United States, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is a memoir and treatise on abolition written by famous orator and former slave Frederick Douglass. In factual detail, the text describes the events of his life.

    • International law

The Rights of War and Peace

Including the Law of Nature and of Nations
Author: Hugo Grotius
Publisher: N.A
Category: International law
Page: N.A
View: 9590

    • Religion

For the Fame of God's Name

Essays in Honor of John Piper
Author: Sam Storms,Justin Taylor
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 9781433523212
Category: Religion
Page: 544
View: 9181
John Piper has had a profound impact on countless men and women over his nearly thirty years of ministry. From his online ministry with Desiring God to his preaching ministry at Bethlehem Baptist to his writing ministry in over thirty books, his faithful service has encouraged and challenged many with God’s Word. Piper’s influence does not stem from his own abilities and accomplishments, but finds its source in his consistent and humble leading of others to Scripture, where the breathtaking glory of God is displayed in all its wonder. We rejoice and are changed as we encounter glorious truths about God in Piper’s ministry. It is in this spirit that friends and colleagues of Piper, including Wayne Grudem, D. A. Carson, Randy Alcorn, and others, honor him by presenting essays covering topics central to his ministry: prayer, the sovereignty of God, justification, Jonathan Edwards, Christian Hedonism, and more. Pastors, scholars, and lay leaders will benefit from this tribute to a man who has labored so faithfully for the fame of God’s name.

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Image+ #15

Author: Various
Publisher: Image Comics
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 64
View: 1152
IMAGE+ features in-depth interviews with creators, extended previews of upcoming titles, insightful essays, spotlights on comic shops, and everything fans want to know about what's coming soon from Image Comics. In addition, every issue features a chapter of the ongoing THE WALKING DEAD story "HERE'S NEGAN!" revealing the origin of the fan-favorite villain, created by the New York Times bestselling team of ROBERT KIRKMAN and CHARLIE ADLARD! IMAGE+, the Magazine of the Year in the 2016 Diamond Gem Awards, is where to go when you want to know what's new and hot at Image Comics.

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The Legend of Luther Strode

Author: Justin Jordan,Tradd Moore
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781607067733
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 144
View: 4483
Five years after recieving the book that changed his life, Luther Strode has returned home, but soon finds himself at the center of a manhunt orchestrated by dangerous forces.

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The Invisibles, the Invisible Kingdom

Author: Grant Morrison
Publisher: Vertigo
ISBN: 9781401200190
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 285
View: 7138
Imagine if every paranoid fantasy, every conspiracy theory, every alleged cover-up and government deception, every tabloid story you've ever heard ...were true. Discover a world where paranoia is a survival skill and the only hope for mankind is a group of unconventional occultist freedom fighters-The Invisibles.

    • Alcoholics

Alcoholics Anonymous

the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism
Author: Bill W.
Publisher: N.A
Category: Alcoholics
Page: 575
View: 2366

Invincible Iron Man

Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781846537394
Page: 136
View: 3431
Something is not right in the house of Stark, and Tony must delve into the nooks and crannies of his international organisation to find out what. Plus: The first big clues of the first major event for the all-new Marvel Universe!

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Invincible Iron Man - Volume 7

My Monsters
Author: N.A
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 9780785148371
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 168
View: 6337
Tony Stark is back on his feet with Stark Resilient, a new company dedicated to bringing free, clean energy to the world - and that's just the start. But that kind of bold move naturally attracts enemies - and with a spy planted in his company by rival Justine Hammer, Tony can't afford to make any mistakes. Unfortunately, distractions abound - including a left-wing anarchist cult's theft of Stark technology and the Mandarin's omnipresent shadow - and Tony faces long odds to keep from making those mistakes. Does the corporate saboteur have him right where he wants him? Collecting INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500, 500.1, ANNUAL #1 and material from #503.