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Politische Kommunikation

Theoretische Ansätze und Ergebnisse empirischer Forschung
Author: Winfried Schulz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 353193094X
Category: Political Science
Page: 385
View: 926
Der gegenüber früheren Auflagen vollständig überarbeitete Band gibt einen Überblick über theoretische Ansätze und Ergebnisse empirischer Forschung zum Verhältnis von Medien und Politik. Außer auf die herkömmlichen Massenmedien richtet sich der Blick auch auf politische Anwendungen und Einflüsse des Internets. Es geht um die Medialisierung der Politik und deren Folgen für die Qualität der Demokratie: Welchen Einfluss hat der Medienwandel auf die „politischen Funktionen“ von Massenkommunikation? Auf welche Weise vermitteln die Medien die politische Realität und wie stellen sie politische Öffentlichkeit her? Wie begünstigen, behindern oder verändern sie das politische Engagement der Bürger und Entscheidungen der politischen Elite?

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Public Relations Research

European and International Perspectives and Innovations
Author: Ansgar Zerfaß,A. A. van Ruler,Krishnamurthy Sriramesh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783531909189
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 449
View: 9727
This volume is a major contribution to the trans-national debate on public relations research and communication management. It presents dominant concepts and findings from the scientific community in Germany in English language. At the same time, the compilation contains a selection of the most influential and relevant approaches from European and international researchers. Editors and contributors are renowned academics from all over the world. This books honours Guenter Bentele, one of the international spearheads of public relations research, and gives academics, students and communication managers a focussed insight into the field.

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The New Wars

Author: Herfried Münkler
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745633366
Category: Political Science
Page: 180
View: 7899
This text explores the changing nature of warfare in the post-Cold War era. It examines the emergence of new forms of warfare in which warlords, mercenaries and terrorists play an increasingly important role.

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Public Relations and Communication Management

Current Trends and Emerging Topics
Author: Krishnamurthy Sriramesh,Ansgar Zerfass,Jeong-Nam Kim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136159258
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 430
View: 1701
Public Relations and Communication Management serves as a festschrift honoring the work of public relations scholars James E. Gruning and Larissa A. Grunig. Between them, the Grunigs have published 12 books and more than 330 articles, book chapters, and various academic and professional publications, and have supervised 34 doctoral dissertations and 105 master’s theses. This volume recognizes the Grunig‘s contributions to public relations scholarship over the past four decades. To honor the Grunig’s scholarship, this volume continues to expand their body of work with essays from renowned colleagues, former students, and research associates. The chapters discuss current trends in the field as well as emerging issues that drive the field forward. Sample topics include theories and future aspects of the behavioral, strategic management approach to managing public relations, and its linkages and implications to related subfields and key field issues. Contributions stimulate academic discussion and demonstrate the relevance of applied theories for the practice of public relations and communication management with up-to-date concepts, theories, and thoughts.

    • Kurds

Revolution in Rojava

Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan
Author: Michael Knapp (Historian),Anja Flach,Ercan Ayboga
Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)
ISBN: 9781783719884
Category: Kurds
Page: 285
View: 4521
"Surrounded by enemies including ISIS and hostile Turkish forces, the people in Syria’s Rojava region are carving out one of the most radically progressive societies on the planet. Visitors have been astounded by the success of their project, a communally organised democracy which considers women’s equality indispensable, has a deep-reaching ecological policies, and rejects reactionary nationalist ideology. This form of organization, labeled democratic confederalism, is both fiercely anti-capitalist and boasts a self-defense capacity which is keeping ISIS from their gates. Drawing on their own firsthand experiences of working and fighting in the region, the authors provide the first detailed account of a revolutionary experiment and a new vision of politics and society in the Middle East and beyond"--Back cover.

    • Political Science

Revolution 2.0

The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power: A Memoir
Author: Wael Ghonim
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547774044
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
View: 7571
“A gripping chronicle of how a fear-frozen society finally topples its oppressors with the help of social media.” — San Francisco Chronicle Wael Ghonim was a little-known, thirty-year-old Google executive in the summer of 2010 when he anonymously launched a Facebook page to protest the death of one Egyptian man at the hands of security forces. The page’s following expanded quickly and moved from online protests to a nonconfrontational movement. On January 25, 2011, Tahrir Square resounded with calls for change. Yet just as the revolution began in earnest, Ghonim was captured and held for twelve days of brutal interrogation. After he was released, he gave a tearful speech on national television, and the protests grew more intense. Four days later, the president of Egypt was gone. In this riveting story, Ghonim takes us inside the movement and shares the keys to unleashing the power of crowds. In Revolution 2.0, we can all be heroes. “Revolution 2.0 is an engaging read, and it offers a sharply detailed look from the inside of an uprising that owed almost as much to social media connections as it did to anti-Mubarak passions.” — Los Angeles Times “Revolution 2.0 excels in chronicling the roiling tension in the months before the uprising, the careful organization required and the momentum it unleashed.” — NPR.org

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Performing Rites

On the Value of Popular Music
Author: Simon Frith
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674661967
Category: Music
Page: 352
View: 1374
In "Performing Rites," one of the most influential writers on popular music asks what we talk about when we talk about music. Instead of dismissing emotional response and personal taste as inaccessible to the academic critic, Simon Frith takes these forms of engagement as his subject--and discloses their place at the very center of the aesthetics that structure our culture and color our lives.

    • Business & Economics

Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations

A Study of Communication Management in Three Countries
Author: James E. Grunig,David M. Dozier
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135692874
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 640
View: 6872
This book is the final product of the "excellence project"--a comprehensive research effort commissioned by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation. Going well beyond any of the previously published reports on the Excellence study, this book contains many new statistical analyses of the survey data and more details from the case studies. Discussing theory and data related to several ongoing discussions in the communication profession, this book answers the following questions: *How can we show the value of public relations? *What is the value of relationships? *How do relationships affect reputation? *What does it mean to practice communication strategically? *How can we measure and evaluate the effects of public relations programs? *Should communication programs be integrated? *How does the new female majority in the profession affect communication Excellence? This book, as well as the research it reports, is the product of symmetrical communication and collaboration. As such, it is intended for scholars, applied researchers, students, and informed professionals who understand the value of research in developing a profession, such as public relations. Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods will make it easier to understand the book; however, the results are interpreted in a way that makes the analyses understandable even to those with little or no knowledge of statistics and research methods.

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Theories of Communication Networks

Author: Peter R. Monge,Noshir Contractor
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019803637X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 432
View: 6727
To date, most network research contains one or more of five major problems. First, it tends to be atheoretical, ignoring the various social theories that contain network implications. Second, it explores single levels of analysis rather than the multiple levels out of which most networks are comprised. Third, network analysis has employed very little the insights from contemporary complex systems analysis and computer simulations. Foruth, it typically uses descriptive rather than inferential statistics, thus robbing it of the ability to make claims about the larger universe of networks. Finally, almost all the research is static and cross-sectional rather than dynamic. Theories of Communication Networks presents solutions to all five problems. The authors develop a multitheoretical model that relates different social science theories with different network properties. This model is multilevel, providing a network decomposition that applies the various social theories to all network levels: individuals, dyads, triples, groups, and the entire network. The book then establishes a model from the perspective of complex adaptive systems and demonstrates how to use Blanche, an agent-based network computer simulation environment, to generate and test network theories and hypotheses. It presents recent developments in network statistical analysis, the p* family, which provides a basis for valid multilevel statistical inferences regarding networks. Finally, it shows how to relate communication networks to other networks, thus providing the basis in conjunction with computer simulations to study the emergence of dynamic organizational networks.

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The Global Public Relations Handbook

Theory, Research, and Practice
Author: Krishnamurthy Sriramesh,Dejan Vercic
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135645493
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 600
View: 5051
This handbook represents the state of the public relations profession throughout the world, with contributions from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A resource for scholars and advanced students in public relations & international business.

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The Media in Europe

The Euromedia Handbook
Author: Mary Kelly,Gianpietro Mazzoleni,Denis McQuail,Euromedia Research Group
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761941323
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 274
View: 7222
Completely rewritten, the Third Edition of this successful guide to European media systems has also been expanded to include Central and Eastern Europe as well as Western Europe. Covering 23 countries, the volume highlights and explains key issues of debate and current tendencies in media policy.

    • Social Science

Communicating Popular Science

From Deficit to Democracy
Author: S. Perrault
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137017589
Category: Social Science
Page: 201
View: 4557
Technoscientific developments often have far-reaching consequences, both negative and positive, for the public. Yet, because science has the authority to decide which judgments about scientific issues are sound, public concerns are often dismissed because they are not part of the technoscientific paradigm they question. This book addresses the role of science popularization in that paradox; it explains how science writing works and argues that it can do better at promoting public discussions about science-related issues. To support these arguments, it situates science popularization in its historical and cultural context; provides a conceptual framework for analyzing popular science texts; and examines the rhetorical effects of common strategies used in popular science writing. Twenty-six years after Dorothy Nelkin's groundbreaking book, Selling Science: How the Press Covers Science and Technology, popular science writing is still not meeting its potential as a public interest genre; Communicating Popular Science explores how it can move closer to doing so.

    • Social Science

The Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research

Author: Andreas Schwarz,Matthew W. Seeger,Claudia Auer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118516761
Category: Social Science
Page: 552
View: 8345
The Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research articulates a broader understanding of crisis communication, discussing the theoretical, methodological, and practical implications of domestic and transnational crises, featuring the work of global scholars from a range of sub-disciplines and related fields. Provides the first integrative international perspective on crisis communication Articulates a broader understanding of crisis communication, which includes work from scholars in journalism, public relations, audience research, psychology, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, and international communication Explores the topic from cross-national and cross-cultural crisis communication approaches Includes research and scholars from countries around the world and representing all regions Discusses a broad range of crisis types, such as war, terrorism, natural disasters, pandemia, and organizational crises

    • Business & Economics

The Managerial Moment of Truth

The Essential Step in Helping People Improve Performance
Author: Bruce Bodaken,Robert Fritz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743299965
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 208
View: 2243
The Managerial Moment of Truth explains a powerful new concept that can dramatically improve performance and increase productivity, at no cost, in virtually any company or organization. Developed by organizational consultant and bestselling author Robert Fritz and proven in practice by coauthor Bruce Bodaken, the chairman, president, and CEO of Blue Shield of California, the book provides a dynamic technique to help people face up to reality and confront the truth in order to correct mistakes, learn from past performance, and adjust processes to build a more successful organization. Given human nature, most managers, when faced with the harsh facts of substandard performance, tend to soften the truth with their direct reports, so as not to offend or upset them. They tend to avoid mentioning mistakes, missed dates, an incomplete project, unacceptable quality of work, and the like. Then, if the problem becomes egregious, the manager may suddenly overreact with a contentious confrontation that results in little long-term behavior change. Or else the manager will try to work around the substandard performance, shifting the workload to top performers on the team rather than addressing reality directly with the person concerned. Bodaken and Fritz provide a step-by-step approach for continuous improvement, in which managers deal with performance issues early on, to help employees face the truth without being made to feel denigrated, inept, or incompetent -- which would only defeat the desired goal of improvement. Moreover, this approach also greatly enhances the manager's own career success. When managers understand and use this practice, they can produce more top performers and add from 25 to 40 percent more actual capacity to their organization. At Blue Shield of California, for example, more than one thousand managers have been trained in this approach, with impressive, measurable results, helping the company become one of the fastest-growing health care plans in the state. Other companies, all at the top of their industries, are now using MMOT with great success. As widely acclaimed author Peter Senge notes in his foreword, "This is not a book with just a bunch of 'good ideas.' It is a call to a simple but transformative practice, vital to building an organization truly worthy of people's highest achievement."

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Public Relations as Communication Management

Author: Richard E. Crable,Steven L. Vibbert
Publisher: N.A
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 436
View: 7700

    • Journalism and public relations

A Complicated, Antagonistic and Symbiotic Affair

Journalism, Public Relations and Their Struggle for Public Attention
Author: Bernd Merkel,Stephan Russ-Mohl,Giovanni Zavaritt
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788877951755
Category: Journalism and public relations
Page: 210
View: 601

    • Business & Economics

PR Strategy and Application

Managing Influence
Author: W. Timothy Coombs,Sherry J. Holladay
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9781405144087
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 368
View: 4613
PR Strategy and Application is a comprehensive and accessible text that situates Public Relations in a 21st century context; as a set of tools not just for corporations but for the activist, the diplomat, the crisis manager, the homeland security officer, as well as the advertising executive and the reputation manager. Winner of the 2010 PRIDE award given by the PR Division of the National Communication Association Gives detailed treatment of how activists have used public relations including a consideration of how activists have been important to the historical develop of PR Argues for a move away from a corporate-centric view of public relations and for public relations to be seen as the management of mutually-influential relationships Emphasizes the importance of stakeholder expectations in shaping organizational actions and being a foundation for discussions between organizations and stakeholders Emphasizes the perspective that stakeholders and organizations are linked together in a complex networks rather that a series of separate relationships Accompanying website includes chapter outlines, a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and useful links for students and teachers Visit the further resources website for student and instructor materials at www.wiley.com/go/coombs

    • Animal sanctuaries

Horse Pie

Author: Dick King-Smith
Publisher: Young Corgi
ISBN: 9780552554329
Category: Animal sanctuaries
Page: 56
View: 4179
The large young Shire horses made the retired seaside donkey's life unpleasant until the night she saved them from being rustled and made into horse pies.

    • Political Science

Politik in der Mediendemokratie

Author: Frank Marcinkowski,Barbara Pfetsch
Publisher: Vs Verlag Fur Sozialwissenschaften
Category: Political Science
Page: 679
View: 9397
Die Rolle der Massenmedien im politischen Prozess demokratischer Staaten ist seit einigen Jahren einem grundlegenden Wandel unterworfen. Presse, Hörfunk und Fernsehen wurden lange Zeit als weitgehend passive Vermittlungsinstanzen wahr genommen, die den Publizitätsinteressen demokratischer Politik in einer primär „dienenden“ Funktion gegenüber treten. Seit den 1990er Jahren werden die Massenmedien auch in den europäischen Demokratien als zunehmend „eigenmächtige“ Akteure und folgenreich institutionalisierter Handlungskontext demokratischer Politikherstellung erkennbar. Manche Autoren sprechen von der Entwicklung regelrechter „Mediendemokratien“. Dieser PVS-Sonderband bietet eine umfassende Bestandsaufnahme der Problemdiagnosen, Zustandsbeschreibungen und Wirkungsanalysen rund um die Mediendemokratie. Die Beiträge bilanzieren den Forschungsstand in einzelnen Bereichen der Politikwissenschaft einerseits und zeigen andererseits Fragestellungen und Perspektiven für künftige Forschungsbemühungen auf.