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Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction
Author: Ted Moores
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
ISBN: 9780937822562
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 175
View: 7716
Ted Moores operates the Bear Mountain Boat Shop in Peterborough, Ontario with his partner, Joan Barrett. In 1972, Ted pioneered the woodstrip-epoxy boatbuilding system for canoes and, since then, has promoted the fine art of wooden canoe and kayak construction.

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Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction
Author: Ted Moores
Publisher: Adlard Coles
ISBN: 9780713622355
Category: Kayaks
Page: 177
View: 3527
Taking the reader through the step-by-step process of building the 17-foot Endeavour kayak, this book includes cockpit coamings, hatches and decking, and the lines and offsets for three other Steve Killing designed kayaks: a sport kayak, a touring kayak and a tandem kayak. The techniques used in this book are intended for the first time builder but experts will benefit from the tips and hints from an expert boatbuilder.

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Building Strip-Planked Boats

Author: Nick Schade
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071643375
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 288
View: 6377
The first comprehensive book on stripbuilding almost any type of small boat Strip-planking is a popular method of amateur boat construction, but until now there has never been a book that showed how to use it for more than one type of boat. Author Nick Schade presents complete plans for three boats of different types (canoe, kayak, and a dinghy) and shows you step-by-step how to build them. Written for all amateur builders, the book covers materials, tools, and safety issues.

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Kayaks You Can Build

An Illustrated Guide to Plywood Construction
Author: Ted Moores,Greg Rössel
Publisher: Buffalo, N.Y. ; Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books
ISBN: 9781552978610
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 256
View: 778
The definitive handbook for kayak builders. Kayaks are growing in popularity as a fun, low-impact way to explore the wilderness or paddle on local waters. Combining easy-to-follow instructions with 472 color photographs, Kayaks You Can Build takes the reader, step-by-step, through the entire construction cycle of building a plywood kayak. This simple construction process demands neither special skills nor a woodworking shop. This book includes: A short history of the kayak How to choose the right kayak for your needs and skill level Setting up your work area and how to build a work table and cradle forms Details of all the necessary tools, materials and supplies Tricks of the trade from ensuring the boat stays twist-free during construction to laying fiberglass cloth the easy way for a great finish Minimizing exposure to toxic fumes and dust How to avoid and correct mistakes. This book includes day-to-day building journals for the three most popular kayak kits. A typical stitch and glue kayak kit contains pre-cut plywood planks, epoxy and hardware. Drawing on more than thirty years of boatbuilding and teaching experience, Kayaks You Can Build enables the first-time builder to assemble a kayak with truly professional results.

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Building the Greenland Kayak

A Manual for Its Contruction and Use
Author: Christopher Cunningham
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071392372
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 240
View: 6781
This step-by-step guide to building a lashed-frame, fabriccovered sea kayak is both a means to a sleek, fast, universally admired boat and an excellent introduction to woodworking and boatbuilding for hobbyists. The Inuit design scales up or down to fit the paddler and can be built using $150 worth of hardware-store materials, a few basic tools, and a minimal investment of time. Also included: plans for a low-volume version designed for Eskimo rolling; an especially stable version for children; and discussions of kayaking equipment, paddling, and rolling techniques.

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Featherweight Boatbuilding

A WoodenBoat Book
Author: Mac McCarthy,Henry McCarthy
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
ISBN: 9780937822395
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 94
View: 2110
Using the Wee Lassie as an example, the author opens your eyes to the natural beauty around you. A practical and beautiful craft, this lightweight and strong double-paddle canoe will carry you to waterways that are inaccessible in most boats.

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Kayaking the Texas Coast

Author: John Whorff
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 1603442251
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 152
View: 8976
“Few experiences compare with navigating a sea kayak through a large sandy bay lined with oyster-shell beaches, past golden sand dunes into rough ocean waters, then surfing back onto a wind-swept beach at sunset.”—from the Introduction Half of the nearly 400-mile Texas coastline is flanked by barrier islands. Behind them, large and small bays shelter estuarine marshes, oyster-reef communities, and sea grass meadows that teem with wildlife, creating a bird watcher's and angler's paradise. For an intimate encounter with these natural treasures, no other water craft can compare to a kayak. Veteran kayaker John Whorff’s Kayaking the Texas Coast is an essential guide for beginning and experienced kayakers to the many miles of shoreline that surround the shallow bays, lagoons, and islands of the Texas coast. Novices will appreciate this book’s detailed information about where to paddle and camp, what to see, and where to obtain additional information about safety and route planning. Accomplished kayakers will enjoy Whorff’s enticing route descriptions and other pertinent details on paddling the Texas coastline. Opening with an extended introductory text that covers kayaks and equipment, safety considerations and emergencies, camping dos and don’ts, and helpful resources, Kayaking the Texas Coast also lists useful websites and guidebooks. In the main portion of the text, the coast is organized into ten destinations, from the Galveston Bay complex in the north to Boca Chica State Park in the south. For each of these destinations, Whorff provides information on navigational aids, planning considerations, accommodations, and directions to launch sites before describing various paddling routes within each destination—around seventy routes in all. Each route is ranked for difficulty as “beginner,” “intermediate,” or “advanced.” Detailed maps and vivid photographs by the author complete the package. "Kayaking the Texas Coast is your must-have guidebook to the coastline and bays of the Lone Star State. Many miles of sea kayaking adventure are described, along with maps and discussion of the natural world encountered along the way. My copy will be riding in car and kayak with me. I look forward to seeing with my own eyes what the author has described and mapped."-- Natalie Wiest, founder and director, Galveston Bay Information

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Steering the Craft

A Twenty-First-Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544612345
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 192
View: 9757
A revised and updated guide to the essentials of a writer’s craft, presented by a brilliant practitioner of the art Completely revised and rewritten to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern era, this handbook is a short, deceptively simple guide to the craft of writing. Le Guin lays out ten chapters that address the most fundamental components of narrative, from the sound of language to sentence construction to point of view. Each chapter combines illustrative examples from the global canon with Le Guin’s own witty commentary and an exercise that the writer can do solo or in a group. She also offers a comprehensive guide to working in writing groups, both actual and online. Masterly and concise, Steering the Craft deserves a place on every writer's shelf.

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Kayak Morning

Reflections on Love, Grief, and Small Boats
Author: Roger Rosenblatt
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062084046
Category: Social Science
Page: 160
View: 2693
From Roger Rosenblatt, author of the bestsellers Making Toast and Unless It Moves the Human Heart, comes a moving meditation on the passages of grief, the solace of solitude, and the redemptive power of love In Making Toast, Roger Rosenblatt shared the story of his family in the days and months after the death of his thirty-eight-year-old daughter, Amy. Now, in Kayak Morning, he offers a personal meditation on grief itself. “Everybody grieves,” he writes. From that terse, melancholy observation emerges a work of art that addresses the universal experience of loss. On a quiet Sunday morning, two and a half years after Amy’s death, Roger heads out in his kayak. He observes,“You can’t always make your way in the world by moving up. Or down, for that matter. Boats move laterally on water, which levels everything. It is one of the two great levelers.” Part elegy, part quest, Kayak Morning explores Roger’s years as a journalist, the comforts of literature, and the value of solitude, poignantly reminding us that grief is not apart from life but encompasses it. In recalling to us what we have lost, grief by necessity resurrects what we have had.

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Red Kayak

Author: Priscilla Cummings
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101200506
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 224
View: 4853
Brady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J.T. and Digger. But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the DiAngelos, his parents and friends are bitter about the changes. Tragedy strikes when the DiAngelos’ kayak overturns in the bay, and Brady wonders if it was more than an accident. Soon, Brady discovers the terrible truth behind the kayak’s sinking, and it will change the lives of those he loves forever. Priscilla Cummings deftly weaves a suspenseful tale of three teenagers caught in a wicked web of deception.

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The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build

Author: Nick Schade
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071708708
Category: Education
Page: 176
View: 9565
Although books on strip building canoes abound, this is among the first to adapt the technique to crafting attractive, functional kayaks. Using high-quality, computer-generated illustrations and photographs to explain key techniques, the book provides complete plans and measurements for three different kayaks: 1) A simple solo craft for beginners, 2) A high-performance solo kayak for intermediate paddlers, and 3) A tandem design for two paddlers. With its easy-to-follow guidance and instructions, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak makes top-notch kayaks accessible to budget-minded paddlers.

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Woodstrip Rowing Craft

How to Build, Step by Step
Author: Susan Van Leuven
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780764325533
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 288
View: 5458
Finally, a comprehensive guide to constructing of beautiful wood strip rowing crafts. This style of construction is renowned for producing sophisticated hull shapes. Construction techniques can be mastered by the hobby builder. Over 835 clear color photos and detailed text take the reader through every step required to create two different, elegant boats for both sport fishing and sculling. The wooden parts are made with ordinary woodshop tools, materials, and standard working techniques. Fiberglass and epoxy can be applied successfully by the first-time user. Finishing methods help builders show off their craftsmanship to best advantage. This book introduces rowers to the delights of constructing their ideal boat.

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Sea Kayaking in Florida

Author: David Gluckman,Mark Gluckman
Publisher: Pineapple Press Inc
ISBN: 156164322X
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 205
View: 6666
This revised guide to a fast-growing water sport is for both novices and experienced kayakers. Whether you want to fish or just watch wildlife, sea kayaking offers new ways to enjoy Florida's hidden bays and open oceans. You'll find the latest information for a kayaking adventure: boats, camping, clothing, and gear, as well as an expanded list of boat liveries and outfitters. Learn about the birds, wildlife, and coastal vegetation you can expect to see as you paddle Florida's coasts. In this new edition you'll find new maps and campsite guides to the Big Bend Sea Grasses Saltwater Paddling Trail, as well as an expanded trail itinerary allowing you to see even more of Florida's "nature coast." There are also additional tips, maps, and campsite locations for paddling the open water of the Everglades. Though the Everglades and the Big Bend are the two most important paddling areas of the state, the rest of the coastline is also described, highlighting Florida's history and geography.

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Canoe Paddles

A Complete Guide to Making Your Own
Author: Graham Warren,David Gidmark
Publisher: Willowdale, Ont. : Firefly Books
ISBN: 9781552095256
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 159
View: 2942
Canoeists are increasingly discovering the deep satisfaction in creating their own equipment rather than adapting to the generic standards of boats and paddles available through retailers. Indeed, interest in making paddles and canoes is at an all-time high with recreational boaters. For the how-to beginner, a paddle represents the perfect challenge, both finite and functional. For the skilled woodworker, the opportunity to experiment with design and technique and thereby create a tailor-made product that perfectly suits a paddler's needs is a dream come true. In Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own, longtime canoeist and woodworker Graham Warren presents detailed blueprints for making paddles that you will cherish and use with confidence. From his insightful look at the way a paddle works when it meets the water through the selection of the best woods, adhesives and tools, Warren takes the reader on a veritable paddlemaking odyssey. You will learn how to make a paddle with a single blade, a bent shaft or double blades; how best to protect a paddle with oil or varnish; what to look for when test-driving your paddle; how to decorate it; and how to care for and repair it. Warren also includes an appreciation of the evolution of the paddle, and a special chapter by renowned canoe-building teacher David Gidmark celebrates paddlemaking in the native tradition. Canoe Paddles is thoroughly illustrated with photographs and drawings.

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Eastern Arctic Kayaks

History, Design, Technique
Author: John D. Heath,Eugene Y. Arima
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
ISBN: 1889963259
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 161
View: 1265
Eastern Arctic Kayaks is the product of years of kayak study by two of the world's experts. Combining analyses of form and function with historical background and illustrations of kayaking techniques, this volume will appeal to recreational kayakers and scholarly readers alike. An excerpt from John Brand's Little Kayak Book series makes this British publication available to American readers for the first time.

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Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine

Author: Matt Broze,George Gronseth
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
ISBN: 9780070084995
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 192
View: 8796
This riveting book offers 20 harrowing, real-life tales of sea kayaking accidents that will not only keep readers on the edge of their seats, but also instruct them with potentially life-saving lessons.

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Celebrating Birch

The Lore, Art, and Craft of an Ancient Tree
Author: North House Folk School
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9781565233072
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 177
View: 4806
With its graceful silhouette and distinctive white bark, the birch tree has been important to people wherever it has grown. This book covers all aspects of the North's most versatile tree—from its biology and ecology to its different uses, craft applications, and legends. Some of the lore revealed includes birch's role as a Welsh token of love and its mysterious connection with witches' brooms. In addition to learning about how the wood is used in baskets, shoes, and wood coverings, readers can also make more than 15 craft projects from instructions in the book, including folded bark baskets, carved ornaments, and turned wooden bowls.

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Yellow Kayak

Author: Nina Laden
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1534401946
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 32
View: 8201
"A child and his beloved giraffe go on a grand sea adventure"--

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Building a Greenland Kayak

Author: Mark Starr
Publisher: Mystic Seaport Museum Incorporated
ISBN: 9780913372968
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 119
View: 6398
Describes building a kayak using skin-on-frame method of construction.

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Building Classic Small Craft

Complete Plans and Instructions for 47 Boats
Author: John Gardner
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
ISBN: 9780071427975
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 560
View: 9323
"John Gardner's work has engaged and inspired more individuals connected with traditional small craft than will ever be counted."--WoodenBoat magazine "Deserves an honored place on the library shelf."--National Fisherman "Poses clear and impassioned means to go from the armchair to the open water via your own boat shop."--Sea History This big, handsome legacy volume contains all the plans, measurements, and directions needed to build any of 47 beautiful small boats for oar, sail, or motor.