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Social Unrest and Popular Protest in England, 1780-1840

Author: John E. Archer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521576567
Category: History
Page: 110
View: 7194
This book, first published in 2000, examines the diversity of protest from 1780 to 1840 and how it altered during this period of extreme change. This textbook covers all forms of protest, including the Gordon Riots of 1780, food riots, Luddism, the radical political reform movement and Peterloo in 1819, and the less well researched anti-enclosure, anti-New Poor Law riots, arson and other forms of 'terroristic' action, up to the advent of Chartism in the 1830s. Archer evaluates the problematic nature of source materials and conflicting interpretations leading to debate, and reviews the historiography and methodology of protest studies. This study of popular protest gives a unique perspective on the social history and conditions of this crucial period and will provide a valuable resource for students and teachers alike.

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Borrowed Imagination

The British Romantic Poets and Their Arabic-Islamic Sources
Author: Samar Attar
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739187627
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 258
View: 9106
The British Romantic Poets and Their Arabic-Islamic Sources deals with the influence of specific Arabic materials on English Romantic poetry during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It reflects on philosophers and literary and cultural critics’ neglect of the role played by Arabs and Moslems in helping the British Romantic poets develop their themes, characters, imagery, and narrative modes. It also highlights the ambiguous feeling of the poets themselves toward the East.

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Crown, Church and Constitution

Popular Conservatism in England, 1815-1867
Author: Jörg Neuheiser
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 178533140X
Category: History
Page: 310
View: 7725
Much scholarship on nineteenth-century English workers has been devoted to the radical reform politics that powerfully unsettled the social order in the century's first decades. Comparatively neglected have been the impetuous patriotism, royalism, and xenophobic anti-Catholicism that countless men and women demonstrated in the early Victorian period. This much-needed study of the era's "conservatism from below" explores the role of religion in everyday culture and the Tories' successful mobilization across class boundaries. Long before they were able to vote, large swathes of the lower classes embraced Britain's monarchical, religious, and legal institutions in the defense of traditional English culture.

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Crowd Actions in Britain and France from the Middle Ages to the Modern World

Author: Michael T. Davis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137316519
Category: History
Page: 301
View: 4346
Crowd Actions in Britain and France from the Middle Ages to the Modern World explores the lively and often violent world of the crowd, examining some of the key flashpoints in the history of popular action. From the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 to the Paris riots in 2005 and 2006, this volume reveals what happens when people gather together in protest.

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Revolutionary Britannia?

Reflections on the Threat of Revolution in Britain, 1789-1848
Author: Edward Royle
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719048036
Category: History
Page: 214
View: 7169
For two generations following the overthrow of the absolutist monarchy in France in 1789 until the revolution of 1848, political upheaval broke out across Europe--except, it seems, in Britain. Why? For a century historians dismissed revolutionary outbursts as mere economic protest or the work of trouble-makers. This book takes the full measure of protest and revolution in England, from the Jacobins of the 1790s and the Luddites of 1812 to the Chartists of 1839-48. Royle challenges the assertion that "Britain was different," drawing on recent research to show how the revolutionaries were defeated by government propaganda and the strength of popular conservatism.

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Author: Chris Hale,Keith Hayward,Azrini Wahidin,Emma Wincup
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199691290
Category: Law
Page: 560
View: 3214
Criminology is a broad-ranging and stimulating introduction that is ideal for undergraduates approaching the subject for the first time. Each chapter is written by an expert in their field and includes a range of learning features designed to help students engage with the material covered.

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Book review digest

Author: H.W. Wilson Company
Publisher: N.A
Category: Books
Page: N.A
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Protest, Politics and Work in Rural England, 1700-1850

Author: Carl J. Griffin
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137373016
Category: History
Page: 248
View: 1715
Rural workers in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England were not passive victims in the face of rapid social change. Carl J. Griffin demonstrates that they deployed an extensive range of resistances – from wood-taking and poaching to the Swing Riots and Chartism - to defend their livelihoods and communities. Thematically organised, Protest, Politics and Work in Rural England, 1700-1850 analyses: • cultures of work, worklessness, the poor laws and poverty • relations between law, the evolving state and rural labourers • enclosure, land-use and changes in the environment • religion, custom and the politics of everyday life and resistance • rural protest movements, trade unionism, and popular, radical politics. Locating protest in the wider contexts of work, poverty and landscape change, this lively and approachable volume offers the first critical overview of a growing area of study.

    • Business & Economics

Education and Economic Decline in Britain, 1870 to the 1990s

Author: Michael Sanderson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521588423
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 124
View: 1781
Since the 1870s the British economy has steadily declined from its position as the 'workshop of the world' to that of a low-ranking European power. Michael Sanderson examines the question of how far defects in education and training have contributed to this economic decline. By looking at issues such as literacy, the quality of scientific and technical training, the supposed anti-industrial bias of public schools and the older universities, the neglect of vocational and technical training and the neglect of the non-academic teenager, Michael Sanderson demonstrates that education was far from the sole cause of economic decline, but that its deficiencies have certainly played a part. This book offers an accessible and concise analysis of a topic of current importance, interest and debate and will be of interest to students and teachers of the history of education and its impact on British economic development in the twentieth century.

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The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells
Publisher: N.A
Category: English literature
Page: N.A
View: 9458

Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789-1848

Author: Katrina Navickas
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1526116707
Page: 352
View: 7202
"This book examines the rise of mass movements for democracy and workers' rights in northern England. It surveys movements throughout the whole period from the first working-class radical societies in the 1790s to trade unions and Chartists in the 1840s. It focuses on protesters' use of space and defense of place"--Back cover.

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Rebellion, Popular Protest and the Social Order in Early Modern England

Author: Paul Slack
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521250358
Category: History
Page: 339
View: 8413
Rebellion, riot and popular unrest have been the theme of a succession of stimulating and influential articles in Past and Present. This selection shows how the various forms of popular protest in England from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries have been reinterpreted by modern scholars. Topics range from the great Tudor rebellions of 1536 and 1549 to the urban disorders in London and the food riots of the eighteenth century. Behind this variety, however, there were important continuities and similarities. Gathered in a single volume, the essays show how detailed studies of popular protest have transformed our knowledge of popular mentality and its relationship with social and economic change.

    • Biography & Autobiography

The human tradition in modern Britain

Author: C. J. Litzenberger,Eileen Groth Lyon
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742537354
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 257
View: 2550
This engaging book provides a gateway to larger themes in modern British history through a set of fascinating portraits of individuals that explore important events and movements from the perspective of the people involved. As a rich and humanized supplement to traditional survey texts, this book offers readers a deeper understanding of key facets of British life in the early modern and modern periods.

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Forests and Chases of England and Wales C.1500-c.1850

Towards a Survey & Analysis
Author: John Langton,Graham Jones
Publisher: St Johns College
ISBN: 9780954497521
Category: History
Page: 118
View: 3091
Forests and chases were bounded areas where a legal regime separate from the Common Law protected royal and aristocratic hunting priveleges and commoners' rights. Their survival and their history after the Middle Ages is little recorded, yet forest law and customs continued into Victoria's reign, and some still do. In this volume, historians, geographers, ecologists, archaeologists and environmental managers investigate the survival of forests and how they may best be managed in today's world.

    • Social Science

Crime, Protest and Popular Politics in Southern England, 1740-1850

Author: John Rule,Roger A. E. Wells
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9781852850760
Category: Social Science
Page: 257
View: 5407
Southern England has been studied considerably less than the industrialising north and midlands in the debate on the standard of living in the period up to 1850. Yet it is becoming clear that it was in the south and in the countryside that the greatest poverty and deprivation was to be found. In these essays John Rule and Roger Wells, whose work has made them leading authorities in this area, examine responses to the struggle to live. These responses ranged from, at the most extreme, sheepstealing and incendiarism to joining in food riots in an attempt to impose a 'moral economy'. More sustained protest is to be seen in passive and sometimes active resistance to authority, and in particular in the opposition to the introduction of the New Poor Law of 1834. Finally the appeal yet limitations of Chartism in the south is demonstrated.

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The Rise of Modern Industry

Author: J.L. Hammond,Barbara Hammond
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113659714X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 344
View: 7027
First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

    • History

The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain

Author: David Cannadine
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231096676
Category: History
Page: 293
View: 2310
Although politicians in Britain are now calling for a "classless society," can one conclude, as do many scholars, that class does not matter anymore? Cannadine uncovers the meanings of class for such disparate figures as Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Margaret Thatcher and identifies the moments when opinion shifted, such as the aftermath of the French Revolution and the rise of the Labour Party in the early twentieth century.

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Industrialisation and Society

A Social History, 1830-1951
Author: Eric Hopkins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134660979
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 3443
Indusrialisation and Society provides an essential introduction to the effects of industrialisation on British society, from Queen Victoria's reign to the birth of the welfare state in the 1940s. This book deals with the remarkable social consequences of the industrial revolution, as Britain changed into an urban society based on industry. As the first nation to undergo an industrial revolution, Britain was also the first to deal with the unprecedented social problems of rapid urbanisation combined with an unparalleled growth in population. Industrialisation and Society looks at contemporary ways in which the government and ordinary people tried to cope with these new pressures, and studies their reactions to the unforseen consequences of the steam revolution. In particular, this indispensable book considers: * the Victorian inheritance * Edwardian England and the Liberal reforms * the two world wars * the Welfare State.

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Recent views on British history

essays on historical writing since 1966
Author: Richard Schlatter,Conference on British Studies
Publisher: Rutgers Univ Pr
Category: History
Page: 525
View: 6378

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History Today

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
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