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Solution Chemistry Research Progress

Author: Darian V. Bostrelli
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600219931
Category: Science
Page: 185
View: 8269
Solution chemistry deals with liquid solutions in such fields as physical chemistry, chemical physics, molecular biology, statistical mechanics, biochemistry, and biophysics. This book includes experimental investigations of the dielectric, spectroscopic, thermodynamic, transport, or relaxation properties of both electrolytes and non-electrolytes in liquid solutions. The latest research in the world has been selected, gathered and presented here.

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Coordination Chemistry Research Progress

Author: Kevin S. Verley,Todd W. Cartere
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781604560473
Category: Science
Page: 340
View: 375
Coordination chemistry is the study of compounds formed between metal ions and other neutral or negatively charged molecules. Coordination chemistry includes areas of inorganic solid state chemistry, organometallic chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry, as well as applications to analytical chemistry, catalysis, industrial chemistry and materials science.

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Progress in Solid State Chemistry Research

Author: Ronald W. Buckley
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600213137
Category: Science
Page: 311
View: 6704
The book on solid state chemistry presents studies of chemical, structural, thermodynamic, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties and processes in solids. Research areas include: bonding in solids, crystal chemistry, crystal growth mechanisms, diffusion epitaxy, high-pressure processes, magnetic properties of materials, optical characterisation of materials, order-disorder, phase equilibria and transformation mechanisms, reactions at surfaces, statistical mechanics of defect interactions, structural studies and transport phenomena.

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Inorganic Chemistry

Reactions, Structure and Mechanisms
Author: Harold H. Trimm
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1926692594
Category: Science
Page: 332
View: 7647
Inorganic chemistry is the study of all chemical compounds except those containing carbon, which is the field of organic chemistry. There is some overlap since both inorganic and organic chemists traditionally study organometallic compounds. Inorganic chemistry has very important ramifications for industry. Current research interests in inorganic chemistry include the discovery of new catalysts, superconductors, and drugs to combat disease. This new volume covers a diverse collection of topics in the field, including new methods to detect unlabeled particles, measurement studies, and more.

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Nanoscience and Advancing Computational Methods in Chemistry: Research Progress

Research Progress
Author: Castro, Eduardo A.
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466616083
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 321
View: 5017
The budding field of nanotechnology offers enormous potential for advances in medical science, engineering, transportation, computers, and many other industries. As this growing field solidifies, these technological advances may soon become a reality. Nanoscience and Advancing Computational Methods in Chemistry: Research Progress provides innovative chapters covering the growth of educational, scientific, and industrial research activities among chemical engineers and provides a medium for mutual communication between international academia and the industry. This book publishes significant research reporting new methodologies and important applications in the fields of chemical informatics and discusses latest coverage of chemical databases and the development of new experimental methods.

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Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

Author: G. Lawton,D. R. Witty
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0123964938
Category: Medical
Page: 160
View: 7522
Annual Review of Eclectic Developments in Medicinal Chemistry *Presents the latest research in the field of drug discovery *Publishes yearly bring you the most innovative updates in medicinal chemistry *Available as an online resource via ScienceDirect

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Intermetallics Research Progress

Author: Yakov N. Berdovsky
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600219825
Category: Science
Page: 290
View: 4680
This volume covers research on the crystal chemistry and bonding theory of intermetallics, determination and analysis of phase diagrams, superlattices, antiphase domains and order-disorder transitions, the geometry and dynamics of dislocations and related defects in intermetallics, and other related areas.

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Fluctuation Theory of Solutions

Applications in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biophysics
Author: Paul E. Smith,Enrico Matteoli,John P. O' Connell
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439899231
Category: Medical
Page: 400
View: 1666
There are essentially two theories of solutions that can be considered exact: the McMillan–Mayer theory and Fluctuation Solution Theory (FST). The first is mostly limited to solutes at low concentrations, while FST has no such issue. It is an exact theory that can be applied to any stable solution regardless of the number of components and their concentrations, and the types of molecules and their sizes. Fluctuation Theory of Solutions: Applications in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biophysics outlines the general concepts and theoretical basis of FST and provides a range of applications described by experts in chemistry, chemical engineering, and biophysics. The book, which begins with a historical perspective and an introductory chapter, includes a basic derivation for more casual readers. It is then devoted to providing new and very recent applications of FST. The first application chapters focus on simple model, binary, and ternary systems, using FST to explain their thermodynamic properties and the concept of preferential solvation. Later chapters illustrate the use of FST to develop more accurate potential functions for simulation, describe new approaches to elucidate microheterogeneities in solutions, and present an overview of solvation in new and model systems, including those under critical conditions. Expert contributors also discuss the use of FST to model solute solubility in a variety of systems. The final chapters present a series of biological applications that illustrate the use of FST to study cosolvent effects on proteins and their implications for protein folding. With the application of FST to study biological systems now well established, and given the continuing developments in computer hardware and software increasing the range of potential applications, FST provides a rigorous and useful approach for understanding a wide array of solution properties. This book outlines those approaches, and their advantages, across a range of disciplines, elucidating this robust, practical theory.

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Solution Chemistry

Advances in Research and Applications
Author: Yongliang Xiong
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781536131017
Category: Chemistry
Page: 251
View: 4340

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Chemistry and Water

The Science Behind Sustaining the World's Most Crucial Resource
Author: Satinder Ahuja
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128096055
Category: Science
Page: 668
View: 6805
After air, water is the most crucial resource for human survival. To achieve water sustainability, we will have to deal with its scarcity and quality, and find ways to reclaim it from various sources. Chemistry and Water: The Science Behind Sustaining the World's Most Crucial Resource applies contemporary and sophisticated separation science and chromatographic methods to address the pressing worldwide concerns of potable water for drinking and safe water for irrigation to raise food for communities around the world. Edited and authored by world-leading analytical chemists, the book presents the latest research and solutions on topics including water quality and pollution, water treatment technologies and practices, watershed management, water quality and food production, challenges to achieving sustainable water supplies, water reclamation techniques, and wastewater reuse. Explores the role water plays to assure our survival and maintain life Provides valuable information from world leaders in chemistry and water research Addresses water challenges and solutions globally to ensure sustainability

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Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

Author: F. D. King,G. Lawton
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780444515728
Category: Medical
Page: 289
View: 5324
Annotation The complex and multidisciplinary nature of modern drug discovery is well illustrated in the six chapters of this volume that describe exciting developments in both newly emerging and mature areas of medicinal chemistry. Chapter 1 provides a comprehensive review of therapeutic applications of ligands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma PPAR?, a key regulator of glucose and lipid homeostasis. Progress over the last decade on ligands that bind to central nicotinic acetylcholine receptors is timely reviewed in Chapter 2, with the emphasis on the a4ß2 subtype. Chapter 3 reviews inhibitors of PARP-1, the founding member of the family, with the focus on their therapeutic potential in ischaemia related CNS injuries. Chapter 4 describes the structure-activity relationships of some semi-synthetic analogues including promising new compounds in development. Chapter 5 describes selective, first generation, non-peptidic neuropeptide Y1 and Y2 antagonists and their actions and evaluates their potential therapeutic application in cardiovascular disorders, with the emphasis on NPY1 antagonists. Chapter 6 is an extensive review of the considerable progress that has been achieved in developing Cathepsin K inhibitors and evaluates their potential for treating arthritis and atherosclerosis.

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Progress in Inorganic Chemistry

Author: Kenneth D. Karlin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470167033
Category: Science
Page: 510
View: 1187
Innovation today . . . Practice tomorrow. PROGRESS in Inorganic Chemistry Today's cutting-edge chemical experimentation is a foretaste of the technical arsenal of tomorrow's chemist. Progress in Inorganic Chemistry affords instant and convenient access to every area of innovative chemical research and has long served as the professional chemist's index to the newest and influential turns in inorganic chemistry. Featuring the work of internationally renowned chemists, Volume 45 discusses: * Selective Recognition of Organic Molecules by Metallohosts (James W. Canary and Bruce C. Gibb, New York University) * Metallacrowns: A New Class of Molecular Recognition Agents (Vincent L. Pecoraro, Ann J. Stemmler, Brian R. Gibney, Jeffrey J. Bodwin, Hsin Wang, Jeff W. Kampf, and Almut Barwinski, University of Michigan) * The Interpretation of Ligand Field Parameters (Adam J. Bridgeman and Malcolm Gerloch, University Chemical Laboratories) * Chemistry of Transition Metal Cyanide Compounds: Modern Perspectives (Kim R. Dunbar and Robert A. Heintz, Michigan State University) * Assembling Sugars and Metals: Novel Architectures and Reactivities in Transition Metal Chemistry (Umberto Piarulli and Carlo Floriani, University of Lausanne) * Oxygen Activation Mechanism at the Binuclear Site of Heme-Copper Oxidase Superfamily as Revealed by Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (Teizo Kitagawa and Takashi Ogura, Institute for Molecular Science) "This series is distinguished not only by its scope and breadth, but also by the depth and quality of the reviews." --Journal of the American Chemical Society "This series is a valuable addition to the library of the practicing research chemist, and is a good starting point for students wishing to understand modern inorganic chemistry." --Canadian Chemical News "[This series] has won a deservedly honored place on the bookshelf of the chemist attempting to keep afloat in the torrent of original papers on inorganic chemistry." --Chemistry in Britain

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Cements Research Progress

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781574980516
Category: Cement
Page: 261
View: 3780

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Energy Research Abstracts

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Power resources
Page: N.A
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Modern NMR Techniques for Chemistry Research

Author: A.E. Derome
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483286428
Category: Science
Page: 299
View: 1700
Presents an introduction to modern NMR methods at a level suited to organic and inorganic chemists engaged in the solution of structural and mechanistic problems. The book assumes familiarity only with the simple use of proton and carbon spectra as sources of structural information and describes the advantages of pulse and Fourier transform spectroscopy which form the basis of all modern NMR experiments. Discussion of key experiments is illustrated by numerous examples of the solutions to real problems. The emphasis throughout is on the practical side of NMR and the book will be of great use to chemists engaged in both academic and industrial research who wish to realise the full possibilities of the new wave NMR.

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Solar Cell Research Progress

Author: Joseph A. Carson
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781604560305
Category: Science
Page: 329
View: 2044
A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy. Sometimes the term solar cell is reserved for devices intended specifically to capture energy from sunlight, while the term photovoltaic cell is used when the light source is unspecified. Fundamentally, the device needs to fulfil only two functions: photogeneration of charge carriers (electrons and holes) in a light-absorbing material, and separation of the charge carriers to a conductive contact that will transmit the electricity (simply put, carrying electrons off through a metal contact into a wire or other circuit). This conversion is called the photovoltaic effect, and the field of research related to solar cells is known as photovoltaics. Solar cells have many applications. They have long been used in situations where electrical power from the grid is unavailable, such as in remote area power systems, Earth-orbiting satellites and space probes, consumer systems, e.g. handheld calculators or wrist watches, remote radiotelephones and water pumping applications. More recently, they are starting to be used in assemblies of solar modules (photovoltaic arrays) connected to the electricity grid through an inverter, often in combination with a net metering arrangement. This new book presents the latest research in the field from around the globe.

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Algal Green Chemistry

Recent Progress in Biotechnology
Author: Rajesh Prasad Rastogi,Datta Madamwar,Ashok Pandey
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 044463794X
Category: Science
Page: 336
View: 4914
Algal Green Chemistry: Recent Progress in Biotechnology presents emerging information on green algal technology for the production of diverse chemicals, metabolites, and other products of commercial value. This book describes and emphasizes the emerging information on green algal technology, with a special emphasis on the production of diverse chemicals, metabolites, and products from algae and cyanobacteria. Topics featured in the book are exceedingly valuable for researchers and scientists in the field of algal green chemistry, with many not covered in current academic studies. It is a unique source of information for scientists, researchers, and biotechnologists who are looking for the development of new technologies in bioremediation, eco-friendly and alternative biofuels, biofertilizers, biogenic biocides, bioplastics, cosmeceuticals, sunscreens, antibiotics, anti-aging, and an array of other biotechnologically important chemicals for human life and their contiguous environment. This book is a great asset for students, researchers, and biotechnologists. Discusses high-value chemicals from algae and their industrial applications Explores the potential of algae as a renewable source of bioenergy and biofuels Considers the potential of algae as feed and super-food Presents the role of triggers and cues to algal metabolic pathways Includes developments in the use of algae as bio-filters

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Silent Spring

Author: Rachel Carson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618249060
Category: Nature
Page: 378
View: 1254
Discusses the reckless annihilation of fish and birds by the use of pesticides and warns of the possible genetic effects on humans.

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Progress in Lipid Research

Author: Ralph T. Holman
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483190005
Category: Science
Page: 246
View: 3780
Progress in Lipid Research, Volume 18 focuses on the advancements of processes, methodologies, and approaches involved in lipid research. The selection first elaborates on lipid composition of marine and estuarine invertebrates; role of acylcoenzyme A: cholesterol O-acyltransferase in cholesterol metabolism; and synthesis of acyl lipids in plant tissues. Discussions focus on fatty acid synthesis, turnover of complex lipids, arterial wall and atherosclerosis, cholesteryl ester metabolism, and solubilization. The text then examines the effects of ethanol ingestion on lipid metabolism, including fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis, lipid peroxidation, plasma triacylglycerols and lipoproteins, phospholipid metabolism, and cholesterol and bile acids. The publication takes a look at lipid metabolism in liver and selected tissues and in the whole body of ruminant animals and the effect of caval shunts on lipid metabolism. Topics include adaptation and regulation of lipid metabolism in the whole animal, lipid metabolism in specific tissues, and the effects of caval shunts on tissue lipids. The text also ponders on lipid metabolism in the neonatal ruminant, as well as transfer of lipids across the placenta, maternal contribution to fetal lipid requirements, and placental lipid metabolism. The selection is a dependable source of data for readers interested in lipid research.

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Heterogeneous Catalysis Research Progress

Author: Mathias B. Gunther
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781604569797
Category: Medical
Page: 451
View: 5048
Heterogeneous catalysis is a chemistry term which describes catalysis where the catalyst is in a different phase (ie. solid, liquid and gas, but also oil and water) to the reactants. Heterogeneous catalysts provide a surface for the chemical reaction to take place on. In order for the reaction to occur, one or more of the reactants must diffuse to the catalyst surface and adsorb onto it. After reaction, the products must desorb from the surface and diffuse away from the solid surface. Frequently, this transport of reactants and products from one phase to another plays a dominant role in limiting the reaction rate. Understanding these transport phenomena and surface chemistry such as dispersion is an important area of heterogeneous catalyst research. Catalyst surface area may also be considered. Mesoporous silicates, for example, have found utility as catalysts because their surface areas may be in excess of 1000 m2/g, which increases the probability that a reactant molecule in solution will come in contact with the catalyst surface and adsorb. If diffusion rates are not taken into account, the reaction rates for various reactions on surfaces depend solely on the rate constants and reactant concentrations. Asymmetric heterogeneous catalysis can be used to synthesise enantiomerically pure compounds using chiral heterogeneous catalysts.[1] The field is of great industrial and environmental importance