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Holographic Universe

Author: Michael Talbot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060922583
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 338
View: 7382
Examines a new theory of reality, based on holography, that explains the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics, and the unsolved riddles of the brain and body

Holographic Universe

An Introduction
Author: Brahma Kumari Pari
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781512379518
Page: 208
View: 8668
In this book, the explanations on the Holographic Universe are based on Quantum Mechanics, the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, research, experiences of the author, the knowledge on the chakras and aura, the ancient Hindu texts, the guidance from God and the False Prophet sitting in the Temple of Jerusalem. There are explanations, in this e-book, about: 1. the various divisions and nature of the Holographic Universe. 2. how everything happens as per the World Drama (Akashic Records). 3. how people live in two kinds of worlds, the Real World and the Holographic World, at the same time. 4. the Holographic Film of the Hologram which we are participating in. 5. how various kinds of worlds exist. 6. how the quantum energies materialise the physical bodies and physical world through the Holographic Universe. 7. how the creation process takes place through the vortices and chakras. 8. Near Death Experiences 9. the Cosmic Consciousness. 10. how subtle dimensions, holographic bodies and subtle bodies are created. 11. how the aura is used during experiences. 12. how quantum energies of different densities materialise a different kind of Real World for us to live in. 13. how the Holographic Universe changes when the world transforms. 14. the meditation and knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris.

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An Introduction to Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution

The Holographic Universe
Author: Leonard Susskind,James Lindesay
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812561312
Category: Science
Page: 183
View: 6976
- A unique exposition of the foundations of the quantum theory of black holes including the impact of string theory, the idea of black hole complementarily and the holographic principle bull; Aims to educate the physicist or student of physics who is not an expert on string theory, on the revolution that has grown out of black hole physics and string theory

Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind

Author: Louis Malklaka
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781508814733
Page: 254
View: 3905
The mind is holographic in nature, and exists outside of the body, distributed across the infinite sub-quantum infrastructure of the universe. And while it is one thing to simply make such a statement, this book will actually elucidate the underlying sub-quantum physics demonstrating how this is possible. Further, it will show how sub-quantum physics provides a rational framework which explains such so-called "paranormal" phenomena as Precognition, Psychometry, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Mediumship, Out-Of-Body Experience, The Akashic Records, and many more.

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Digital Physics

The Meaning of the Holographic Universe and Its Implications Beyond Theoretical Physics
Author: Ediho Lokanga
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781979869515
Category: Holography
Page: 178
View: 4941
This book is an impeccably crafted, beautifully written piece of work. It is a powerful treatise that looks at the deeper meaning of the word holography, its association with the universe, and its impact on physics and beyond. In a nutshell, it explores the old conundrum of whether we are living in a holographic universe (HU) and its possible consequences. The author attempts to convey to the wider audience insights emerging from the forefront of theoretical physics research, which are accessible to a broad spectrum of readers, especially those with no training in physics or mathematics. Dr. Lokanga tells us that the holographic model of the universe, teaches us that every individual point in the universe contains the whole universe itself. As a result, every point in space is connected to another point further away in space, and every subatomic particle comprises a web of interconnections by which it becomes intertwined with other parts of the universe. This view opens possible avenues of understanding the universe in a way we never suspected before. The discoveries of non-locality and wave-particle duality suggest that everything in the universe is joined or connected. Most basic atomic particles comprise the very fabric of the material universe.

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Wisdom of the Dolphins

Discovering the Mystery of the Holographic Universe
Author: Ilona Selke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781884246166
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 233
View: 656
Wisdom of the Dolphins is an astounding and inspiring real-life story into the nature of the holographic universe, dolphins and humanity.A vista of possibilities opens as Ilona Selke takes us through the doorway of the imagination into creating time-shifts and global healing events. She demonstrates how our imagination makes miracles happen and how we can move through emotional and mental blockages to manifest our hopes and dreams daily with ease. Not only does this inspiring story bring hope to humanity, but it also teaches practical steps to access the holographic universe and make changes in the external reality.This book is a unique quantum adventure into the lives of dolphins, telepathy and miracles. It uplifts and inspires the reader to live a fulfilled life.It has been on the market internationally since 1996. The power of the mind, telepathy, and the expansive world of the dolphins is revealed in an easy to understand, exciting real life adventure that will keep you inspired and entertained.

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A Is the Universe a Hologram?

Scientists Answer the Most Provocative Questions
Author: Adolfo Plasencia,Tim O'Reilly
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262339315
Category: Science
Page: 432
View: 8777
Science today is more a process of collaboration than moments of individual "eurekas." This book recreates that kind of synergy by offering a series of interconnected dialogues with leading scientists who are asked to reflect on key questions and concepts about the physical world, technology, and the mind. These thinkers offer both specific observations and broader comments about the intellectual traditions that inform these questions; doing so, they reveal a rich seam of interacting ideas. The persistent paradox of our era is that in a world of unprecedented access to information, many of the most important questions remain unsolved. These conversations (conducted by a veteran science writer, Adolfo Plasencia) reflect this, with scientists addressing such issues as intelligence, consciousness, global warming, energy, technology, matter, the possibility of another earth, changing the past, and even the philosophical curveball, "is the universe a hologram?"The dialogues discuss such fascinating aspects of the physical world as the function of the quantum bit, the primordial cosmology of the universe, and the wisdom of hewn stones. They offer optimistic but reasoned views of technology, considering convergence culture, algorithms, "Beauty ? Truth," the hacker ethic, AI, and other topics. And they offer perspectives from a range of disciplines on intelligence, discussing subjects that include the neurophysiology of the brain, affective computing, collaborative innovation, and the wisdom of crowds.Conversations with Hal Abelson, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, John Perry Barlow, Javier Benedicto, José Bernabéu, Michail Bletsas, Jose M. Carmena, David Casacuberta, Yung Ho Chang, Ignacio Cirac, Gianluigi Colalucci, Avelino Corma, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Javier Echeverria, José Hernández-Orallo, Hiroshi Ishii, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Henry Jenkins, Anne Margulies, Mario J. Molina, Tim O'Reilly, John Ochsendorf, Paul Osterman, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Rosalind W. Picard, Howard Rheingold, Alejandro W. Rodriguez, Israel Ruiz, Sara Seager, Richard Stallman, Antonio Torralba, Bebo White, José María Yturralde

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The Cosmic Hologram

In-formation at the Center of Creation
Author: Jude Currivan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620556618
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 272
View: 7524
How holographic patterns of information underlie our physical reality • Includes myriad evidence from a wide range of cutting-edge scientific discoveries showing our Universe is an interconnected hologram of information • Explains how consciousness is a major component of the cosmic hologram of information, making us both manifestations and co-creators of our reality • Reconciles Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by showing that energy-matter and space-time are complementary expressions of information Our understanding of the Universe is about to transform at all levels, from the tiniest Planck scale to the vast reaches of space. Recent scientific discoveries show that the information that upholds all of our modern technologies is exactly the same as the universal in-formation that underpins, pervades, and is all we call physical reality. Exploring how information is more fundamental than energy, matter, space, or time, Jude Currivan, Ph.D., examines the latest research across many fields of study and many scales of existence to show how our Universe is in-formed and holographically manifested. She explains how the fractal in-formational patterns that guide behavior at the atomic level also guide the structure of galactic clusters in space. She demonstrates how the in-formational relationships that underlie earthquakes are the same as those that play out during human conflicts. She shows how cities grow in the same in-formational ways that galaxies evolve and how the dynamic in-formational forms that pervade ecosystems are identical to the informational structures of the Internet and our social behaviors. Demonstrating how information is physically real, the author explores how consciousness connects us to the many interconnected layers of universal in-formation, making us both manifestations and co-creators of the cosmic hologram of reality. She explains how Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can at last be reconciled if we consider energy-matter and space-time as complementary expressions of information, and she explores how the cosmic hologram underlies the true origin of species and our own evolution. Concurring too with ancient spiritual wisdom, the author offers solid evidence that consciousness is not something we “have” but the fundamental nature of what we and the entire Universe are. With this understanding, we can each transform our own lives and help co-create and in-form the world around us.

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Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Author: David Bohm
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134438729
Category: Philosophy
Page: 304
View: 7083
David Bohm was one of the foremost scientific thinkers and philosophers of our time. Although deeply influenced by Einstein, he was also, more unusually for a scientist, inspired by mysticism. Indeed, in the 1970s and 1980s he made contact with both J. Krishnamurti and the Dalai Lama whose teachings helped shape his work. In both science and philosophy, Bohm's main concern was with understanding the nature of reality in general and of consciousness in particular. In this classic work he develops a theory of quantum physics which treats the totality of existence as an unbroken whole. Writing clearly and without technical jargon, he makes complex ideas accessible to anyone interested in the nature of reality.

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The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes

Exploring the Leading Edge of Science
Author: Ken Wilber
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780394712376
Category: Science
Page: 301
View: 5428
Essays discuss the holographic model of the brain and the intersection of scientific and religious explanations of the world

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The Fabric of Reality

Author: David Deutsch
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 014196961X
Category: Science
Page: 400
View: 1113
An extraordinary and challenging synthesis of ideas uniting Quantum Theory, and the theories of Computation, Knowledge and Evolution, Deutsch's extraordinary book explores the deep connections between these strands which reveal the fabric of realityin which human actions and ideas play essential roles.

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Mysticism and the New Physics

Author: Michael Talbot
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
ISBN: 9780140193282
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 185
View: 1837
An account of how quantum physics is putting forward ideas that confirm the perceived beliefs of mystics who think the world is an illusion

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Holographic Healing

5 Keys to Nervous System Consciousness
Author: George Gonzalez
Publisher: Quantum Neurology(r) Publishing
ISBN: 9780985520700
Category: Consciousness
Page: 118
View: 568
In many traditions, light is synonymous with God. Light is synonymous with loving, healing, kindness and enlightenment. Light is the key to consciousness and is how we share this meaningful experience with each other. Just as each cell projects light that extends beyond its physical boundaries, the LightBody is formed deep within the body and extends past the physical frame. I believe the light that extends past the physical body reaches outward and literally plugs the body into the universe, the space around the body. It is the body's ability to generate a quality of light and brilliance that connects us to the Universe. In this book you will learn: - How to understand your body as a holographic healing instrument - All about the advances in Nervous System rehabilitation - How to gain abundant health by removing your synthetic chemical burden - How to save your DNA for future healing - How to focus on healing and developing the instrument that makes our dreams into reality - our Nervous System! Dr. George Gonzalez is a renowned lecturer and expert in the activation and expansion of the Nervous System. He has developed a patented, systematic process for evaluating and correcting the Nervous System that began while researching a solution for his wife's spinal cord injury. The collection of techniques that led to her full recovery became Quantum Neurology(r) Rehabilitation. This advanced nerve rehabilitation system has provided countless patients improvement in their injury, illness or condition. Dr. Gonzalez is the author of numerous articles, case studies and video trainings to support the development of Nervous System guided care. He has consulted with companies and has lectured to thousands of doctors worldwide. Additionally, he consults doctors who treat amateur and pro-athletes, chronically ill and disabled patients, autism spectrum disorders, stroke and brain injury repair, to name a few. He has lectured his revolutionary concepts internationally since early 2000.

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Blood Prints of the Gods: The Human Bloodline of the Anunnaki

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1304207072
Category: Religion
Page: N.A
View: 9850
Blood Prints of the Gods is an enlightening book of outstanding simplicity. Learn today from historical findings and esoteric doctrines how aliens created the first human Neanderthal, a creature the ancient Sumerians called “Adamu”. Learn how this Neanderthal alien bloodline became the sacred blood line of the ancient Sumerians; a bloodline that is worshiped and adored in secret societies to this day. Find out how this same bloodline has been ruling the world, since the days of ancient Babylon and the Egyptian pharaohs. See how the bloodline reigned over Alexander’s Greece and how it reigns today through the royal crown of the British Monarchy. The author takes the reader on a journey through history, beginning hundreds of thousands of years ago and carrying you to the present, where the bloodline conspires to control the entire planet. Blood Pr

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The Human Hologram

Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field
Author: Robin Kelly
Publisher: Elite Books
ISBN: 1604150629
Category: Science
Page: 258
View: 2458
What if our physical bodies were perpetually being formed upon an invisible field of information? And what if this field was one vital and integral part of the same field underlying the physical structure of our universe, holding all the information and wisdom of its past and present?And what if, by being a knowing contributor to this field, each of us could create a blissful and peaceful future not only for ourselves and our planet, but for our whole universe?If we are indeed, at the deepest level of our being, truly holographic - these questions may no longer be regarded as far-fetched. Dr Robin Kelly, author of the award winning The Human Antenna, explores these mind stretching concepts and speculates exactly how our developing awareness of ourselves as Human Holograms will affect every aspect of our future on this planet.He guides us into how we can best use this information here and now to transform our lives, and to achieve optimum health.

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How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe
Author: Robert Lanza,Bob Berman
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1458795179
Category: Cosmology
Page: 279
View: 8030
Robert Lanza is one of the most respected scientists in the world a US News and World Report cover story called him a genius and a renegade thinker, even likening him to Einstein. Lanza has teamed with Bob Berman, the most widely read astronomer in the world, to produce Biocentrism, a revolutionary new view of the universe. Every now and then a simple yet radical idea shakes the very foundations of knowledge. The startling discovery that the world was not flat challenged and ultimately changed the way people perceived themselves and their relationship with the world. For most humans of the 15th century, the notion of Earth as ball of rock was nonsense. The whole of Western, natural philosophy is undergoing a sea change again, increasingly being forced upon us by the experimental findings of quantum theory, and at the same time, toward doubt and uncertainty in the physical explanations of the universes genesis and structure. Biocentrism completes this shift in worldview, turning the planet upside down again with the revolutionary view that life creates the universe instead of the other way around. In this paradigm, life is not an accidental byproduct of the laws of physics. Biocentrism takes the reader on a seemingly improbable but ultimately inescapable journey through a foreign universe our own from the viewpoints of an acclaimed biologist and a leading astronomer. Switching perspective from physics to biology unlocks the cages in which Western science has unwittingly managed to confine itself. Biocentrism will shatter the readers ideas of life--time and space, and even death. At the same time it will release us from the dull worldview of life being merely the activity of an admixture of carbon and a few other elements; it suggests the exhilarating possibility that life is fundamentally immortal. The 21st century is predicted to be the Century of Biology, a shift from the previous century dominated by physics. It seems fitting, then, to begin the century by turning the universe outside-in and unifying the foundations of science with a simple idea discovered by one of the leading life-scientists of our age. Biocentrism awakens in readers a new sense of possibility, and is full of so many shocking new perspectives that the reader will never see reality the same way again.

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The Universe in Your Hand

A Journey Through Space, Time, and Beyond
Author: Christophe Galfard
Publisher: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 125006953X
Category: Science
Page: 256
View: 2655
"If Ms. Frizzle were a physics student of Stephen Hawking, she might have written THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR HAND, a wild tour through the reaches of time and space, from the interior of a proton to the Big Bang to the rough suburbs of a black hole. It's friendly, excitable, erudite, and cosmic." —Jordan Ellenberg, New York Times besteselling author of How Not To Be Wrong Quantum physics, black holes, string theory, the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, parallel universes: even if we are interested in these fundamental concepts of our world, their language is the language of math. Which means that despite our best intentions of finally grasping, say, Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, most of us are quickly brought up short by a snarl of nasty equations or an incomprehensible graph. Christophe Galfard's mission in life is to spread modern scientific ideas to the general public in entertaining ways. Using his considerable skills as a brilliant theoretical physicist and successful young adult author, The Universe in Your Hand employs the immediacy of simple, direct language to show us, not explain to us, the theories that underpin everything we know about our universe. To understand what happens to a dying star, we are asked to picture ourselves floating in space in front of it. To get acquainted with the quantum world, we are shrunk to the size of an atom and then taken on a journey. Employing everyday similes and metaphors, addressing the reader directly, and writing stories rather than equations renders these astoundingly complex ideas in an immediate and visceral way. Utterly captivating and entirely unique, The Universe in Your Hand will find its place among other classics in the field.

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Looking glass universe

the emerging science of wholeness
Author: John Briggs,F. David Peat
Publisher: Touchstone
Category: Science
Page: 290
View: 5042

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Programming the Universe

A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos
Author: Seth Lloyd
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307264718
Category: Science
Page: 240
View: 1273
Is the universe actually a giant quantum computer? According to Seth Lloyd, the answer is yes. All interactions between particles in the universe, Lloyd explains, convey not only energy but also information–in other words, particles not only collide, they compute. What is the entire universe computing, ultimately? “Its own dynamical evolution,” he says. “As the computation proceeds, reality unfolds.” Programming the Universe, a wonderfully accessible book, presents an original and compelling vision of reality, revealing our world in an entirely new light. From the Trade Paperback edition.