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Author: John P. (John Prescott) Whitney
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781363963218
Category: History
Page: 138
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Blown to Bits

Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion
Author: Harold Abelson,Ken Ledeen,Harry R. Lewis
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0137135599
Category: Computers
Page: 366
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Every day, billions of photographs, news stories, songs, X-rays, TV shows, phone calls, and emails are being scattered around the world as sequences of zeroes and ones: bits. We can't escape this explosion of digital information and few of us want to-the benefits are too seductive. The technology has enabled unprecedented innovation, collaboration, entertainment, and democratic participation. But the same engineering marvels are shattering centuries-old assumptions about privacy, identity, free expression, and personal control as more and more details of our lives are captured as digital data. Can you control who sees all that personal information about you? Can email be truly confidential, when nothing seems to be private? Shouldn't the Internet be censored the way radio and TV are? is it really a federal crime to download music? When you use Google or Yahoo! to search for something, how do they decide which sites to show you? Do you still have free speech in the digital world? Do you have a voice in shaping government or corporate policies about any of this? Blown to Bits offers provocative answers to these questions and tells intriguing real-life stories. This book is a wake-up call To The human consequences of the digital explosion.

    • Biography & Autobiography

Finding Jung

Frank N. McMillan Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion
Author: Frank N. McMillan
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 9781603446969
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 224
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Available electronically in an open-access, full-text edition from the Texas A&M University Libraries' Digital Repository at http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /146844. Frank N. McMillan Jr., a country boy steeped in the traditional culture of rural Texas, was summoned to a life-long quest for meaning by a dream lion he met in the night. On his journey, he followed the lead of the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, and eventually established the world’s first professorship to advance the study of that field. McMillan, born and raised on a ranch near Calvert, was an Aggie through and through, with degrees in geology and petroleum engineering. As an adult working near Bay City, Texas, he was lunching in a country café when by chance he met abstract expressionist painter Forrest Bess, who was ecstatically waving a letter he had received from Jung himself. The artist’s enthusiastic description of Jung as a master psychologist, soul doctor, and healer led McMillan to the Jung Center in Houston, where he began reading Jung’s Collected Works. McMillan frequently said, “Jung saved my life.” Finding Jung: Frank N. McMillan Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion captures McMillan’s journey through the words of his own journals and through reflections by his son, Frank III. David Rosen, the holder of the first endowed McMillan professorship at Texas A&M University, adds insights to the book, and the late Sir Laurens van der Post, whom the elder McMillan met at the Houston Jung Center in 1979, authored a foreword to the book before his death. This is a story that sheds light on the inner workings of the self as well as the Jungian understanding of the Self. In often lyrical language, it gives the human background to a major undertaking in the dissemination of Jungian scholarship and provides a personal account of a life lived in near-mythic dimensions.

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The Ideal Element in Law

Author: Roscoe Pound
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780865973251
Category: Law
Page: 432
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Roscoe Pound, former dean of Harvard Law School, delivered a series of lectures at the University of Calcutta in 1948. In these lectures, he criticized virtually every modern mode of interpreting the law because he believed the administration of justice had lost its grounding and recourse to enduring ideals. Now published in the U.S. for the first time, Pound's lectures are collected in Liberty Fund's The Ideal Element in Law, Pound's most important contribution to the relationship between law and liberty. The Ideal Element in Law was a radical book for its time and is just as meaningful today as when Pound's lectures were first delivered. Pound's view of the welfare state as a means of expanding government power over the individual speaks to the front-page issues of the new millennium as clearly as it did to America in the mid-twentieth century. Pound argues that the theme of justice grounded in enduring ideals is critical for America. He views American courts as relying on sociological theories, political ends, or other objectives, and in so doing, divorcing the practice of law from the rule of law and the rule of law from the enduring ideal of law itself. Roscoe Pound is universally recognized as one of the most important legal minds of the early twentieth century. Considered by many to be the dean of American jurisprudence, Pound was a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Nebraska and served as dean of Harvard Law School from 1916 to 1936. Please note: This title is available as an ebook for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

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AP Us Hist 2016

Author: John J. Newman
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN: 9781682404553
Category: Advanced placement programs (Education)
Page: 764
View: 7656
Equip your students to excel on the AP® United States History Exam, as updated for 2016 Features "flexibility designed to use in a one-semester or one-year course "divided into nine chronological periods mirroring the structure of the new AP® U.S. College Board Curriculum Framework, the text reflects the Board's effort to focus on trends rather than isolated facts "each period features a one-page overview summarizing the major developments of the period and lists the three featured Key Concepts from the College Board Curriculum Framework "each Think As a Historian feature focuses on one of the nine historical thinking skills that the AP® exam will test "each chapter narrative concludes with Historical Perspectives, a feature that addresses the College Board emphasis on how historians have interpreted the events of the chapter in various ways "the chapter conclusion features a list of key terms, people, and events organized by theme, reflecting the College Board's focus on asking students to identify themes, not just events "chapter assessments include eight multiple-choice items, each tied to a source as on the new AP® exam, as well as four short-answer questions "period reviews include both long-essay questions and Document-Based Questions in the format of those on the AP® exam, as updated for 2016

    • Social Science

Boy Scout Handbook

Author: Boy Scouts of America
Publisher: Boy Scouts of Amer
ISBN: 9780839531050
Category: Social Science
Page: 472
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Explains the advantages, responsibilities and membership requirements of scouting and provides the requirements and possible projects for earning skill awards and merit badges.

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Crossing the Rubicon

The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
Author: Michael C. Ruppert
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 1550923188
Category: History
Page: 512
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The long-awaited expose of 9/11 and Peak Oil - by the "Godfather of 9/11 research."

Technology and the Air Force a Retrospective Assessment

Author: Jacob Neufeld,George M. Watson,David Chenoweth
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781478297048
Page: 344
View: 347
The history of the United States Air Force is inextricably bound up in the history of aerospace technology. Major revolutions have influenced the evolution of Air Force capabilities and systems, most notably those of atomic weaponry, the turbojet revolution, supersonic flight, avionics, aerial refueling, space flight, precision weaponry, electronic flying controls, composite materials, and stealth.

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Bombing the European Axis Powers - a Historical Digest of the Combined Bomber Offensive 1939-1945

Author: Richard G. Davis
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781479181360
Category: History
Page: 648
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This undertaking is a work of unusual form. At its core this work is a database covering Anglo- American strategic bomber operations against Germany, Italy, and Axis associated or occupied Europe. As such it allows swift and easy listing of day-by-day bombing, bombing of strategic target systems by location and tonnage, bombing of specific countries, comparisons of US and British targeting and operations, and much more. The work details strategic operations only— B-17 and B-24 bomber sorties by the four US numbered air forces in the European and Mediterranean theaters (Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth, and Fifteenth) and all bombing sorties for aircraft assigned to the Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command and RAF 205 Group. This definition excludes US twin-engine medium bomb groups, which often hit the same aiming points as their four-engine compatriots, but includes twin-engine British Wellington medium bombers and twin-engine British Mosquito, Boston, and Ventura light bombers. Although the US heavy and medium bombers had instances of overlapping, targeting those instances usually fell into areas of what US doctrine defined as tactical rather than strategic bombing, such as frontline troops, transportation facilities feeding the front line, and airfields. US medium bombers did not fly deep into enemy country to attack industrial and strategic targets. The case differed for the RAF. Wellingtons and other medium bombers formed the backbone of the main bombing force from 1940 through late 1942 and throughout 1943 for 205 Group. Bomber Command's shortranged Bostons and Venturas of No. 2 Group raided French ports, power plants, and industrial targets until transferring to Tactical Bomber Force in May 1943. Likewise, Mosquitoes conducted numerous hit-and-run daylight raids until May of 1943 and then switched to night harassing attacks on German population centers, particularly Berlin, until the war's end. Such bombing furthered Bomber Command's campaign against the morale of the German labor force.

    • Frontier and pioneer life

The Last American Frontier

Author: Frederic Logan Paxson
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465602267
Category: Frontier and pioneer life
Page: 402
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    • Literary Criticism

Brief History of English and American Literature

A Background on Literature
Author: Henry A. Beers
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 216
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This book contains a brief history of English and American literature, it was written by Henry Augustin Beers and also contains an introduction and supplementary chapters on the Religious and Theological Literature of Great Britain and the United States by John Fletcher Hurst.

    • Social Science

The Negro in the United States

A Selected Bibliography
Author: Dorothy Porter Wesley,Dorothy Burnett Porter
Publisher: Omnigraphics Incorporated
ISBN: 9780780803121
Category: Social Science
Page: 313
View: 7946
Identifies some 1,700 works about African Americans. Entries include full bibliographic information as well as Library of Congress call numbers and location in 11 major university libraries. Entries are arranged by subjects such as art, civil rights, folk tales, history, legal status, medicine, music, race relations, and regional studies. First published in 1970 by the Library of Congress.

    • Art

Art and social change

a critical reader
Author: Will Bradley,Charles Esche
Publisher: Tate
Category: Art
Page: 479
View: 1480
"This reader gathers together an international selection of artists' proposals, manifestos, theoretical texts and public declarations that focus on the question of political engagement and the possibility of social change"--back cover.

    • Science

Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics

Author: Francisco Azuaje,Joaquin Dopazo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470094400
Category: Science
Page: 284
View: 9515
Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics is the first book addressing integrative data analysis and visualization in this field. It addresses important techniques for the interpretation of data originating from multiple sources, encoded in different formats or protocols, and processed by multiple systems. One of the first systematic overviews of the problem of biological data integration using computational approaches This book provides scientists and students with the basis for the development and application of integrative computational methods to analyse biological data on a systemic scale Places emphasis on the processing of multiple data and knowledge resources, and the combination of different models and systems

    • Technology & Engineering

Proceedings of the 13th Reinventing Space Conference

Author: Scott Hatton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319328174
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 348
View: 9583
Reinventing Space is the largest global conference and exhibition for one of the space industry’s fastest growing sectors. Over its 82-year history, the British Interplanetary Society has acted as a forum for new and innovative ideas and developments in astronautics, low-cost access and utilization of space. These conference proceedings reflect the work done at the 13th Reinventing Space Conference, the second biggest space event in the UK during 2015. The global economic climate is creating demand to reduce expenditure, leading to new challenges and opportunities in the world’s space industry. The need to create more responsive systems and launchers that are capable of delivering to space quickly, cheaply and reliably has never been more vital. This collection from RIspace brings together industry, agency, government, financiers, academia and end users. It focuses on the commercialization of space and addresses a range of topics including low-cost launch opportunities, the rebirth of constellations, beyond LEO activities and novel technologies. These papers encourage and promote forward-thinking ideas and concepts for the future exploration and utilization of space. The proceedings address: • New ways of doing business in space – how do we make money on affordable and responsive space missions? • Tactical space systems – how do we best serve the needs of defense missions; civilian missions; the needs of emergency responders? • Interplanetary missions – can we use new technology to explore the Solar System at dramatically lower cost? • What are the methods, processes, and technologies that we can use to make major reductions in the cost of space missions? • New application areas for low-cost space systems – which ones can take advantage of newer, much lower-cost systems? • How do we educate and motivate the coming generation, without whom there won’t be a space industry?

    • Law

United States Practice in International Law: Volume 1, 1999–2001

Author: Sean D. Murphy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139435321
Category: Law
Page: N.A
View: 7536
Sean D. Murphy's wide-ranging and in-depth 2002 survey of U.S. practice in international law in the period 1999–2001 draws upon the statements and actions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government to examine its involvement across a range of areas. These areas include diplomatic and consular relations, jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility and liability, international organizations, international economic law, human rights, and international criminal law. At the time of its first publication this summary of the most salient issues was a central resource on U.S. practice in international law. The volume contains extracts from hard-to-find documents, generous citations to relevant sources, tables of cases and treaties, and a detailed index. Revealing international law in the making, this essential tool for researchers and practitioners was the first in a series of books capturing the international law practice of a global player.

    • Education

International Advances in Writing Research

Cultures, Places, Measures
Author: Charles Bazerman
Publisher: Parlor Press
ISBN: 9781602353534
Category: Education
Page: 560
View: 2280
Papers presented at the 2011 WRAB conference.

    • Philosophy

Discovering Reality

Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science
Author: Sandra Harding,Merrill B. Hintikka †
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401001014
Category: Philosophy
Page: 332
View: 5893
This collection of essays, first published two decades ago, presents central feminist critiques and analyses of natural and social sciences and their philosophies. This work provides a splendid opportunity for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in philosophy and the social sciences to explore some of the most intriguing and controversial challenges to disciplinary projects and to public policy today.

    • Music

Songs in the Key of Z

The Curious Universe of Outsider Music
Author: Irwin Chusid
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1556523726
Category: Music
Page: 271
View: 7341
Outsider musicians can be the product of damaged DNA, alien abduction, drug fry, demonic possession, or simply sheer obliviousness. This book profiles dozens of outsider musicians, both prominent and obscure—figures such as The Shaggs, Syd Barrett, Tiny Tim, Jandek, Captain Beefheart, Daniel Johnston, Harry Partch, and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy—and presents their strange life stories along with photographs, interviews, cartoons, and discographies. About the only things these self-taught artists have in common are an utter lack of conventional tunefulness and an overabundance of earnestness and passion. But, believe it or not, they’re worth listening to, often outmatching all contenders for inventiveness and originality. A CD featuring songs by artists profiled in the book is also available.